2019 TripAdvisor Award

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It is May 2019, and time for the “TripAdvisor Awards”. It is with great happiness that we announce that in 2019 we have managed to get another “Certificate Of Excellence”, as well as from time to time, we have also had “Editorials” written about us.

We would just like to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful guides and staff, that have worked really hard to make sure all the guests have a wonderful experience, and are well taken care of.
Without these guys, it would be impossible to get the recognition from “TripAdvisor” that we do.

2019 is a special year, as it is the tenth year that we have got this award, and it has been a long road to get our product offering right, that potential guests and clients feel comfortable booking with us, to experience a wonderful “Kruger National Park safari”.

Nhongo Safaris over the years has always lived by one slogan, and that is to “Arrive As a Stranger, But to Leave as A Friend”. It is great to see that we have taken over and own the saying that “Our Journeys Change Lives”.

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