African Holiday Safaris

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African Holiday Safaris

Safari – just speak the word and your pulse quickens. You almost hear the beat of drums and the trumpeting of elephants, and glimpse the glorious vast plains and mountains of faraway Africa.

The word ‘safari’ entered the English language in the late 19th century as a borrowing from the Swahili word meaning “long journey”. It has since developed into a specific meaning of a tour to view wild animals in Africa. Over the years, many types of safari have been developed to cater for different needs and interests.


On Safari With Gert

3 December 2017

We started a new Safari this afternoon and kicked off on a high as one of the first animals we found on our afternoon drive was a young female Leopard! She lay on a termite mound overlooking a small waterhole, but appeared very lazy, struggling to keep her eyes open. She did perk up slightly as 2 Warthogs approached, but just to watch them trot past. A great start to the Safari!

4 December 2017

This morning we left after breakfast and had a good day full of general game sightings, including some good Giraffe sightings and a large bull Elephant. The highlight was at a large waterhole, where a large herd of Buffalo was resting around the edge, with a few of the older males getting into the water for a wallow and to cool down, joining the large pod of resident Hippo.

6 December 2017

We left this morning after breakfast in cloudy and drizzly conditions. We were hoping for some predator action as it was a cool morning, but not too cold! The morning started off well, as we passed some active Spotted Hyena dens along the way, with many females and cubs out of their dens. About 1 and a half hours into our drive, we had our first of 3 Lion sightings for the day. It was 2 young males of about 3 years old and they were lying down about 15 m off the road, looking quite lazy and comfortable. We got a very nice view of one when he lifted his head to survey his surroundings, offering some good photo opportunities. Our other Lion sightings were both of solitary males, one a large male in his prime lying in an open area. Not much further we found a female Cheetah with 3 cubs of about 6 months old, feeding on an Impala ram! They took turns feeding – the cubs moving in as soon as the mom took a break, trying to ensure that all got their fair share! It was beautiful to observe the cubs feeding and playing, as just seeing these rare cats is always a bonus, let alone a family feeding! Incredibly we had more luck to come, as we also found what appeared to be a large male Leopard in the undergrowth along a small riverbed. We watched him for a while as he sat cleaning himself before moving a little deeper into cover and getting comfortable in the grass. A great day on Safari, seeing all 3 big cats in one day!

On Safari With Robbie

2 – 6 December 2017

This safari was definitely in the top 5 for the year! Undoubtedly the highlights were all members of the Big 5 and occurred a s follows: On our first afternoon we came across a male Lion sleeping in a dry river bed! After observing him for some time I was about to move on when a female literally crossed in front of us and joined the big guy! On our 3rd morning we had a herd of Buffalo 5m from us where most were still asleep! It was such fun watching them all waking up and looking at us sleepy eyed! On the same morning we had 2 Leopards walking extremely close to us with perfect light for over 3km! Again on the same epic morning we spotted a Female Rhino with her tiny calf! On the last afternoon we came across a herd of Elephant crossing the road right in front of us! It truly was a most memorable safari!

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