African Kruger Park Safari

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An African Kruger Park Safari is a Must!

South Africa has dedicated more than three million hectares of its total land mass to the conservation of its natural heritage. You will see a great variety of habitats and wildlife when you visit the amazing sites of this phenomenal reserve. The Kruger National Park covers around 2 million hectares and is the largest game reserve in South Africa. If you have not tried a Kruger Park Safari at least once, what are you waiting for? A vast expanse of wilderness waits, untamed and uncompromising in its beauty.


On Safari With Gert

30 June 2017

We entered the Park in the afternoon for a 1 night Safari with 2 guests from the USA. We were treated to a few good Elephant sightings early on in the afternoon as first we had a big bull feeding in a marshy area right next to us and then crossing the road right in front of us! A little later we also had a small breeding herd with a few adult females and their young also crossing in front of us!

It turned out to be a good day for animals in the road, as we also had 3 Giraffe feeding right on the edge of the road, providing us with a great sighting up close, before slowly moving away. The day ended with another very large Elephant bull feeding close by a nd slowly making his way down the road; a magnificent bull with a very impressive set of tusks – a great way to top the first afternoon on Safari!

1 July 2017

This morning we entered early and as the sun rose, we were fascinated by the thousands of Red-billed Queleas taking off in clouds from their roosting spots to their feeding grounds, accompanied by their constant deafening chatter! We also encountered 2 beautiful Nyala bulls in the riverine thicket, as well as a large troop of Chacma baboon, with some grooming and even mating in the road! Shortly before leaving the park, we found a couple of Spotted Hyena dozing in the sun by their den entrance, a nice end to the Safari!

4 July 2017

This morning we left our lodge early to enter the Park at opening time. It was a cool, windy morning and it took some time for the animal activity to get going, but we did have a great Elephant sighting early on, when we found a breeding herd close by and one of the large females with a calf of about a year old decided to cross the road right in front of us! The calf – as they often are – was very inquisitive and tried it’s best to get a very good and close look at us, approaching the vehicle from various angles with its trunk outstretched to smell us, all under the watchful eye of Mom! We also had a great day for Giraffe sightings as we found various groups throughout the day, including one very large and dark male also crossing the road right in front of us! The highlight of the afternoon was when we found a lone young male Lion of about 3 years old. It had just finished a meal and was walking back and forth from its shady cover into a clearing to keep the gathering Vultures at bay, providing us with some good views and picture opportunities in the process!

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