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African Safari - A Great Holiday Idea

Ever wonder what to do for an upcoming holiday? Want some adventure and excitement but do not know where to look? There is nothing better than an African safari to quench your thirst for adventure. Africa is one of the greatest destination on earth, it's wild dark and mysterious. Many people are frightened by this but as someone who has grown up in Africa I can say that it really is an exciting land filled with adventiure. The beauty of Africa is something few places in the world could rival with.


On Safari With Amanda

21 May 2017

Today I picked up Alex and his family all the way from Canada. We headed to Nhongo lodge after a quick refresh. After lunch at Hamiltons we entered Malelane gate and headed along the S25 to Crocodile bridge. A beautiful scenic route with lots of Elephants, giraffes and impalas. As we neared the end of our drive, gate closes at 5:30, the sun quickly going down I noticed something moving in the bushes.. a quick look with the binos and playing in the long grass was an African wild cat and her kittens, it's rare enough to see a wild cat, let alone one with its kittens...truly amazing! On arrival at the lodge my guests enjoyed a lovely supper and an early night ready for early departure tomorrow.

22 May 2017

Everyone is up bright and breezy for the park and we set off. We were greeted by beautiful giraffes, impalas and blue wildebeest. We sat and watched the sun rise over Mozambique and warm us slightly on a chilly winter s morning. After breakfast we headed to Mondolozi dam, a beautiful elevated loo k out point where we sat and watched elephants drinking before heading off over the mountains. We watched a jackal as it lay by a waterhole, cleaning himself but no sign of his mate! After a wonderful day in the park we headed back to the lodge, not before watching some playful vervet monkeys gallivanting in the road...always a pleasure to watch.

23 May 2017

Our last day today and the big cats have so far evaded us! As we drove in, a brown snake eagle had caught what looked like a rock monitor and was busy ea ting it in a dead tree. Further along the S28 we looked to our left and there was a 1/5 view of a lioness! The morning sun making her more visible in the very long grass. After a while she sat up.... along with the other 2 lionesses that we didn't see! After 15 minutes watching them, they moved off deeper into the bush completely out of view. A great way to end a brilliant safari with great guests!

28 May 2017

Today I picked up 5 new guests from America. After lunch at Hamiltons restaurant we headed to Nhongo lodge for a chill before setting off for a short afternoon drive. A beautiful warm afternoon as we entered through crocodile bridge gate. Lots of zebras and wildebeest grazing, impalas close by also grazing. We decided to take the dirt road, it was only a short drive so would be nice to have an authentic African bush sunset. About 2kms on the road we spotted something in the tree, a closer look revealed a lone lioness watching zebras a few meters away. Literally 50m from her was a big male lion, this was a mating pair and I believe she was trying to avoid him as, looking at the puncture marks on her neck from mating, she was better off hiding in the tree!! We watched as a rhino crossed then an elephant, in one picture my guests had 3 of the big 5 right in front of them.. an amazing drive. Back to the lodge for a hearty supper and an early night.

29 May 2017

Today we set off early, leaving the lodge at 5:15 am . It was cold as we drove to the gate.. not more than 5 mins of being in the park when a pride of lions walked in front of us! The male had a huge black mane. We spotted a couple of females and a few young cubs. Impalas, wildebeest and zebras were alarm calling as the lions got closer, no chance of a successful hunt as they'd blown their cover. After 20mins we lost visual of them and headed off to breakfast at lower sabie. On our way we went to a waterhole and there sitting watching buffalo was a lioness, it turned out there were 3 lions, all females. We watched for 20 mins as they sneaked up behind the buffalo, who were oblivious to them, eventually they all ran at the buffalos but this time the buffalo came off better, at one point the one lioness was face to face with a buffalo, incredible! After breakfast we headed back to the lodge for lunch as all the guests were on a sunset drive. We put the guests on their drive hoping they find nice nocturnal animals!

On Safari With Kara

22 May 2017

My four day safari with an amazing group off people. A family from the UK whom loved birds and were ready to start ticking them off and 2 from New york whom were ready to get the best shots Some of them had a bit of a pickle with their flights but after some organizing we went on our first safari. In our first 20 min in at the gate we managed to see a Mother white Rhino and her calf... Lying down trying to suckle and two big adult bull Elephants crossing our path. The first dirt road we turned on a huge herd of buffalos were busy making their way to the other side. Looking investigating and pushing one another along.

23 May 2017

It was definitely the day of the rhino. We managed to see 8 Rhinos together, which was quite the achievement with the poaching war we are facing in Kruger. Later that day we got to see two lionesses sleeping on a termite mound while the sun was coming up and after a while lazily got up and strolled towards the thickets to find a tree for shade. On our way out we were then notified of a cheetah in the area by a helping guide and once we got to the sighting this female cheetah had just killed and impala and was starting to eat it after pulling it into the shade. Watching her eating and covering her face in blood was really rewarding.

24 May 2017

Was also very exciting day that started out very quiet but soon picked up.. We sat watching little monkeys playing and removing parasites off one another ’ s bodies. They were jumping like crazies in a tree and then warming up in the morning sun after a cold night. We were making our way down a winding dirt road when my eye caught something in a tree and it turned out to be a female leopard sleeping on one of the branches . After a while she jumped down from the tree and went to go lay a bit down in t he grass just looking for anything to hunt. Another highlight was definitely a big male lion that was lying in the sun sleeping an d from where we were we could see the main. We were told that there were quite a few more but couldn’t see them. So we patiently waited. About 10min later 2 big elephants bulls had picked up on their smell and ca me chasing them away. Which was very entertaining of course.

25 May 2017

Our last morning together was filled with blue wildebeest after blue wildebeest. Running and chasing one another over females and of course impalas rutting as well making sure there’s no intruders around. We got to see a family of Southern ground hornbills as well roosting in a dead tree while the sun came up making for beautiful sight. Our safari ended with a good breakfast in Malelane before I sadly had to say my goodbyes in Nelspruit for them to make their way back to Johannesburg.

On Safari With Gert

23 May 2017

This afternoon we started a new Safari with 2 guests from California. After checking in at our Hotel, we headed out for a quick lunch and then a afternoon Safari. We were quite lucky with a variety of general game spotted throughout the course of the afternoon, including a big male Giraffe close-by. Driving along the river we found several large breeding herds of Elephant , some crossing the road in front of us and also a few scattered adult males, one in particular providing us with a very good view as it was facing us from a few meters away, grazing right next to the road! Another highlight was a large herd of Buffalo, as we were driving straight into the sunset at the time, they came out of the bush and crossed in front of us, silhouetted and kicking up a bit of dust in the red light of dusk, making for a beautiful scene as they made their way down the river for a drink. A nice first afternoon on Safari, hopefully with some more to come during the next few days!

24 May 2017

We left our Hotel early this morning to enter the Park at opening time, hoping for some early animal activity. It was a cool, clear morning and we were treated to a beautiful sunrise! One of the early highlights of the day was when we found 2 White Rhino grazing the lush green grass on the edge of a drainage line. We had a great view of them from our vantage point on the bridge, a young male and female combination. Not much further we found a large solitary male in a clearing, having a good scratch on a conveniently placed, pushed-over Knob-Thorn Acacia! After his scratch he turned his back on us and moved away - a great morning for Rhino sightings. It is indeed a great shame that these prehistoric creatures are becoming fewer by the day and much harder to find because of human greed.. As the day wore on it warmed up significantly and although we did find a good variety of herbivores, including some good Elephant and Giraffe sightings , there were only signs of predator activity, but none to be seen! We did probably find ourselves on top of a lioness at one stage when we crossed a bridge where, according to earlier reports, someone saw her going into the cool shade under the bridge and not coming out... We were also lucky enough to see a Puff Adder crossing the road! These snakes, which are responsible for the most bites in Africa, are not seen that often due to their very effective camouflage and to get such a good and close-up view is quite special!

25 May 2017

A leisurely start we left the Hotel after a hearty breakfast for our Panorama route tour in perfectly sunny and clear conditions. Our first stops were at Mac Mac waterfall and then Lisbon falls, both running strongly, with plenty of water coming down after the late rains of a week ago. Next up was the Blyde River Canyon where we enjoyed spectacular views and the very unique Bourke's luck Potholes. We also marveled at the colourful males of the Common Flat Lizard basking and hunting! At God's Window we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful flowering Aloes along the escarpment as we gazed across the Lowveld 1000m below. After enjoying a well deserved late lunch of pancakes, the regional specialty and some last minute curio shopping we returned to the Hotel for the evening. A great day and thanks Jan for driving us!

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