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Safari - just speak the word and your pulse quickens. You almost hear the pulse of drums and the trumpeting of elephants, and glimpse the glorious vast plains and mountains of faraway Africa. It's almost enough to make you hurry and book your African safari holiday today. The word 'safari' entered the English language in the late 19th century as a borrowing from the Swahili word meaning "long journey". It has since developed into a specific meaning of a tour to view wild animals in Africa. Over the years, many types of safaris have been developed to cater for different needs and interests. Check out what our world adventurers have to say about our African Safaris in Kruger Town

African Safaris

African Safaris - Browse our African safari tours. Our packages are tailored by experts in safari travel, offering the African experience of a lifetime.

Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Kara

    9 January 2017 - Today I picked up my two guests for my first safari for the New Year. Both of the Ladies from Liverpool and I was super excited for the new adventure together. Our drive was amazing as always just being out in the wilderness with the clean air and green bush just after the heavy rains. We found a male lion with all the luck on our side crossing the road right by the vehicle. Focused on finding a stray animal to lesson the hunger. Dazzles of Zebras and Big Male Elephants also played a big role in our drive. The most rare sighting we had this day was 6 Rhinos Grazing along side one another in a open plain.

    10 January 2017 - After a early morning rise and breakfast. We stumbled across a big herd of Buffalo consisting of about 500 individuals coming down to drink water at a dam. Driving around the Koppies we found a few new species like Giraffes, Klipspringers and loads of Eagles. Really nice to see my guests spotting birds around every corner hoping to see a new one. With a beautiful Chameleon crossing the road our drive ended and I dropped my guests off at the Airport.

    12 January 2017 - I pickup up my 5 Guests from the USA at White River from Dez and what a fun, exciting and educational time we had together. Soon after starting I learned that they were from all over. Pakistan, Panama, Columbia, Canada, Tennessee and Japan. We checked in at Nkambeni and my guests headed out for a sunset drive where they saw a big herd of buffalos, impalas and zebras.

    13 January 2017 - Our first Big and Beautiful animal we spotted together was a Elephant bull walking along an open clearing destroying some Silver Cluster trees to get a prop er breakfast. After that we sat watching rhinos consisting of 6 individuals who were just grazing alongside one another. Just before exiting the gate we managed to have a incredible sighting of a male Leopard in the shade of a Marula tree sleeping the heat away. Just along the road a pride of Lions sleeping in the new green grasses growing strong from all the lovely rain we have received. Unbelievably unique way to end our day.

    14 January 2017 - After packing in all our stuff and having breakfast we head ed off for our last morning safari. A tower off Giraffes were the first to greet us after we started, eating and investigating our movement. Really happy that while we had a little drizzling every once in a while we got to see a few new species. Some Klipspringers were happily bouncing on a big rocky outcrop and Dwarf Mongoose all starting to appear from a termite mounds after a good nights rest. And of course two Ground Hornbills resting in a tree. I picked up Edmund and Julia for our four day adventure safari in Kruger . Staying at Pretoriuskop. Our first afternoon game drive kicked of with a bang. We got to see 2 lionesses sleeping and stretching in the shade. After that we took a ride down to a waterhole where we got to see a Crocodile and a hippo moving around waiting for the sun to set. And last but not least a Klipspringer standing very proud on a rocky out crop catching the last bit of sun.

    15 January 2017 - Today was definitely a very special day. Which just seemed to get better as the day got on. The best was that Ed and Jul's had such enthusiasm and a great eye fo r spotting. And it just made all so much more thrilling to see new animals with them. Our highlights was 3 Lionesses with their cubs sleeping next to transport dam. Keeping an eye out for anything that wants to come drink water. Later on we got a young Female Leopard bouncing, smelling and exploring next t o the road. Moving up and down, watching us from under bushes, then after watching her for a while she saw a gap and crossing the road with a run. As always spending some time with a Congress off Baboons was very entertaining. Our day ended with a teenage Bull elephant which we think was recently kick ed out of his herd. Eating marulas and trumpeting as we drove off into the sunset to go have dinner at camp.

  • On Safari With Gert

    12 January 2017 - We started a brand new Safari yesterday, with 4 guests, and after lunch and checking in had a Sunset drive in the late afternoon. This morning we headed out on drive after an early breakfast in clear and sunny conditions, getting quite hot early on already. The drive started off well with a few large, old Buffalo bulls just outside of camp and right next to our vehicle. Not long after that we found some fresh Leopard track s in the road, that of a large male. We followed the tracks down the road for a couple of kilometers and they were eventually joined by another, smaller set of tracks, most likely belonging to a female, indicating the possibility of a mating pair in the a rea, however, we did not manage to spot them... As the day wore on there were a few rumors of Lions at different locations , but the early heat didn't work in our favor and we missed out on those by a few minutes. However, we did get lucky with some good Elephant sightings and found several large bulls, one tusk less individual grazing close to us and also crossing the road in front of our vehicle. Later on we found 2 more large bulls enjoying a mud bath in a rainwater pool, one of them with a very impressive set of tusks! We also had a quality Giraffe sighting, with a couple of females crossing the road close to us. We decided to take a break back at camp for lunch and to escape the worst of the heat, before heading out again in the late afternoon. The afternoon drive - still very hot - was highlighted by the primates, as w e found a small troop of Vervet Monkeys foraging next to the road, with some playful and adventurous youngsters, just getting to the age where they are brave enough to venture away from their mothers' care. We also found a large troop of Chacma Bamboo atop a rocky outcrop, getting ready to retire for the night.

    13 January 2017 - After loading luggage and an early breakfast, we left camp for our final morning drive of the Safari. A heavy early morning rain shower was a welcome change to yesterday's heat as we set out in nice cool conditions. First up, we found 3 Spotted Hyena on a large flat granite outcrop, close to their den site. 2 Of the Hyena were stretched out on the rock, basking in the sunshine that was starting to break through the cloud cover, while the third was drinking fro m a rock pool. A little further on we found the first of 2 large Buffalo herds for the morning, the second herd we found as they were crossing the road and we ended up surrounded by them, as they were very relaxed and started crossing on both sides of our vehicle; a mixed herd with many large males, females and a few quite young calves. We also found a few scattered Elephant bulls throughout the course of the morning, including one in full musth, rather agitated and not very happy with some of the vehicles approaching him. We also found 3 young bulls feeding very close-by and very relaxed, picking up fallen Marula fruit out of the tall grass on the side of the road. Shortly before exiting the park we were treated to the courtship display of a pair of Woodland Kingfishers, showing off their bright blue colours with synchronized wing flapping and calling in duet.

African Safaris

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