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All African safaris offer rare opportunities to catch a glimpse of creatures that may only be found in the wild. And as vast and diverse as Africa can get, it can provide unimaginable things from the strangest to the wildest creations that there are. Because of the Kruger Park's excellent game-viewing opportunities, it is included in the top list when it comes to African wildlife safaris. It is created even before the emergence of some of the national parks that we now enjoy, which makes it the pioneer in the field.

African Safaris

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Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Gert

    24 May 2017 - As we only entered the park this afternoon. We had a short drive but it was very productive with loads of general game. The highlight for the afternoon drive was that we bumped into a crash of rhinos, consisting of 8 rhinos together standing next to the road busy grazing. It was really impressive to see so many together.

    25 May 2017 - We started nice and early as the sun was not even up yet. As we drove slowly down the road, we spotted plenty of impala wildebeest and zebra on the open area with the sun slowly appearing in the background. We spotted a pair of Marshall eagles resting on top of a dead tree. I just love those majestic eagles and the way they scope out thee open areas for potential prey. Not too far up the road my one guest told me to stop and reverse. As he thought he might of spotted something looking like a big cat. So I reversed for him and true as bob there was a female lion resting in the grass looking around. Then next to her was a male lion also just resting. After about an hour she got up with him following and they both disappeared into the grass. The rest of the day was good with plenty of great sightings of elephants coming down to drink.

    26 May 2017 - On this day we went far west to a camp called berg en daal. Early on we found big herds of giraffe feeding and even some of the males were busy necking (fighting) for a female that was clearly in heat. It was a slow fighting match but it was really impressive how they swing their heads trying to knock the other one out. Not too long from there we got a pack of 25 wild dogs running up a road busy combing through the bush for any prey. Unfortunately no luck while we followed them then they moved down to the river.

    27 May 2017 - This morning I tried a road where I thought we could be lucky with lions or a leopard. We found some giraffe looking quite intensely into the bush as if they were on high alert. Then the next moment they started running with a female lion hot on their hooves. Unfortunately she was alone and to bring a giraffe down by herself was going to be too much for her. So she gave up a moved away from the road back into the bush. The guests were really excited with that dramatic seen unfolding. Great way to spend in the bush.

    28 May 2017 - Our last short drive in the park was also very exciting. As we entered crocodile bridge we got this quick glimpse of a lion running across the road. Unfortunately the sun was not up yet and we couldn't really see what was happening in the dark. Eventually the lions appeared onto the road where we could have a better view on them as they moved off into the darkness. Awesome way to start your day..

  • On Safari With Amanda

    30 May 2017 - Today we left early from the lodge, a few tired eyes after birthday celebrations but we all headed out on time! First in the gate, a rather chilly morning with a lovely covering of mist as the sun rose just after 6am. Lovely zebras and elephants grazing on the S28 and a duiker fleeing out of sight as quickly as we saw her. As we warmed in the sun we spotted 3 lions busy hunting, the same lions from yesterday so they were obviously unsuccessful overnight! After breakfast we headed to Mondolozi dam a beautiful view point. The day had certainly warmed up to a pleasant 28 ° as we headed back as guests were on a night drive.

    31 May 2017 - A successful night drive for our guests...2 different lion sightings and a leopard! Today we left early as we decided to enter a malelane gate for a change of scenery. Not long after entering we went on my favorite dirt road loop the S110 or as we know it matjulu loop. Not 400m down and we had an amazing sighting of a leopard with her 2 cubs playing on the rocks. It's not often you get to see leopard cu bs so we spent as much time as we could with them until they disappeared into the bush . Incredible. Breakfast at berg en dal and sadly the end of our safari. We all agreed it was a fantastic safari and said our goodbyes!

  • On Safari With Gert

    30 May 2017 - Today we started a new Safari with Bradley and Anne from the USA. After checking in at our camp and enjoying an early dinner, our guests went on a Night Drive where they were treated to a very good Rhino sighting.

    31 May 2017 - Leaving camp early this morning in fairly cold conditions, we saw a large group of Giraffe early on and as the day gradually warmed up we also saw many Hippos and Crocodiles sunbathing along the river banks. One of the early highlights was a large breeding herd of Elephant with a young mother and very small baby of a few weeks old in their midst. The youngster made sure that he stayed right by his mom's side, but we did get some good views of him every now and then when there was a gap in the tall grass! We eventually managed to find a large male Lion lounging in the shade of a small Spike-thorn tree about 10m off the road. He appeared to be quite hot and also very full as we could actually hear him breathing quite heavily. There were also Vultures soaring overhead and perched in some of the nearby treetops, indicating that the Lions had recently finished feeding. After spending some time at the site, w e noticed another male further in as well as a female in the distance, close to where most of the Vultures were situated, so probably near the carcass. The male closest to us grew impatient after a while as a few more vehicles arrived and disturbed his snooze and he launched a few warnings at one vehicle in particular, as the occupants were being quite noisy. It was clear though that he wasn't really in any mood to get up, although this did provide us with a great sighting. He eventually settled down again in exactly the same spot and continue d being lazy as only a very full Lion can be. A great sighting and very good day of game viewing!

    1 June 2017 - We left our Lodge early this morning and started on a high note upon entering the park as we found a group of 4 White Rhino. Then, a few hundred meters further, we found a pride of at least 6 Lions consisting of females and a few cubs of around 6 months old. The Lioness appeared to be planning a hunt, but the playful cubs as well as the presence of the Rhino worked against them as they couldn't really stay hidden very well and they eventually moved away from the road and into a nearby riverbed; a great way to start the day! A while later we found 2 Side-striped Jackal on the move and then 6 more Lions moving parallel to the road about 50 meters away in fairly open terrain - another great sighting! Our luck for the day was not done yet as a few kilometers further on we found 2 male Cheetah on the move and they were nice enough to get on top of a fallen over tree to scan their surroundings and scent-mark as soon as we arrived, providing us with another great sighting! During the afternoon we also had a few quick glimpses of a Leopard on the move, as a herd of Impala started alarm calling and running towards it to make sure they stay aware of its whereabouts. The Leopard, however, didn't show any interest in them, walking straight past and disappearing into a thicket. Unbelievably lucky and another great day on Safari!

African Safaris

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