Kruger offers you a variety of options for panoramic views and close-range encounters with the wild. Your visit to the Kruger National Park promises you a wild experience you can never have anywhere else. In fact, Kruger's delights cannot be exhausted in one vacation trip.

You will need to develop a meticulous tour plan to really savour the best that Kruger has to offer. The park extends along the boundaries of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is home to thousands of species of birds and large mammals. Notable among the larger mammals are lions and elephants which roam the wild with undisturbed demeanour.

Kruger park open vehicle safaris

Experiencing the vast area of wildlife on a Kruger National Park in an open vehicle

Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Amanda

    02 February 2018 - Today, on this incredibly hot and humid summers day I collected 4 guests for an adventure safari staying at skukuza rest camp. As we entered the park the real feel temperature was 44° and the humidity was about 80% so I’m sure we're in for a storm later tonight! Our first encounter was with a huge bull elephant with massive tusks, this time of year they're enjoying the marula fruits, it's a short season but the elephants love to munch on them. Some zebras and giraffes also greeted us, curiously staring at us every now and then. We heard of a leopard that had killed an impala at transport dam, we found the impala in a jackleberry tree but, alas, no leopard! I decided to take the guests to lake panic to watch the hippos and escape the searing heat, the hippos didn't disappoint there in all their glory basking in the sun. We set off a bit further towards Kruger gate and we spotted a leg hanging from the tree, a young zebra foul that had been killed by a leopard, no sign of the leopard so I did a u-turn and checked the trees on the opposite side and there, in a marula tree sat a young male leopard. A bit of a distance but we could see him clearly until he got down and walked off into the distance. A great first drive for my guests as we headed for our rooms and some much needed air conditioning!

    03 February 2018 - Today was an early start and a bit of a mixture of the panorama route and a drive in the park. We set off at 5:30 am heading for phabeni gate as we were being picked up there for a mini panorama tour. As we set off it was nice and cool with a few clouds, this gave us a beautiful sunrise! Heading down the Doispan road we saw a dazzle of zebras drinking at a waterhole and a lovely bull elephant wandering in the bush. Just after the zebras we saw something moving in the bushes, and there was a pack of wild dogs on the move in full hunting mode. We turned around and followed them as they were running at a good pace looking for food. As they went out of view we heard the distress call of a zebra and can only assume they caught one. After a while we drove away and hopefully they were full from their breakfast. After leaving the park we headed to kuka restaurant for a fantastic breakfast and then onto graskop. Lots of cloud cover so we had a slight view at wonder view lookout and then headed to Lisbon falls. Absolutely amazing views of the waterfall there, very nice. Back into the park about 1pm and we set off. We saw nice kudus more zebras and then a crash of 4 rhinos...fantastic. A quick left turn and there in a marula was a leopard eagerly watching the zebras. This leopard had killed a baby zebra a few days ago and was maybe looking for another snack?! I got an update of 2 male lions near mantikenyane koppies on the way we passed delaport waterhole and I had a quick glance and there at the waterhole were 2 female lions were drinking, right time right place as they soon disappeared. The male lions were there but lying very flat, still nice to see. My guests are on a night drive so hopefully they will see them tonight!

    4 February 2018 - Today was the last day for 2 of my guests as we set off early for our morning drive. We decided to drive to mantikenyane koppie for a panoramic view of the area. It was lovely and cool as we got to the top and my guests enjoyed the peace and stunning views. After about 20 mins we headed to the napi road and did a turn onto the H3, good choice as not more than 3kms down that road sat the 2 renosterkoppies male lions. Very handsome. This time last year they were in a shocking state, full of mange and hardly a scrap of fur on them due to poor nutrition, a consequence of the terrible 2 year drought. Its amazing how resilient animals are. Not long after they left us and disappeared out of sight. We checked out the koppies at klipspringer and then headed west towards numbi gate. Not more than 5 mins later a beautiful female leopard crossed the road and walked parallel to us before sitting on a termite mound. Always a privilege to spend time with leopards. After breakfast and saying goodbye we headed back to camp and saw a juvenile bateleur eagle eating a puff adder. A beautiful bird. My guests and I decided to go on a short drive this afternoon so we climbed on board at 4:30, giving us 2 hours of game viewing. I'd heard there was a pride of lions not to far from skukuza so did a slow drive along the river as we came to one of the low level bridges we saw a playful troop of baboons running and just generally looking like they were having lots of fun. Baboons are very entertaining to watch! Heading towards the second low level bridge I spotted something crossing the bridge, as we got closer we saw it was a leopard! Wow! We weren't expecting to see a leopard. He climbed onto one of the rocks and then headed off out of sight. As we drove towards the place where the lions were last seen we saw an old male walking towards us, he stopped and drank from a puddle in the road and then just lay down! I could see ahead there were some cubs and a female but I didn't want to disturb him so we sat and just enjoyed the moment. Eventually he got up and we followed him until he turned towards the river and joined the females and cubs. Spectacular and what a great way to end the day!

    8 February 2018 - Today I collected matt and his wife Clarissa from Canada. After a 35 hr flight they were slightly jetlagged but ready for a 4 day adventure safari. After checking in at nkambeni and a quick lunch we headed out for a short afternoon drive. As we got closer to pretoriuoskop we saw a little shape lying at the side of the road, it was the cutest baby hyena, 2 minutes later his big sister came out to say hello. The mother was obviously away and they were keeping an eye on the fort until she returned! Lots of elephants eating marula fruit from the ground, not satisfied one bull elephant pushed against a whole tree and a big amount of fruit fell to the ground.. clever elephant. A trip to the waterhole and we saw a big crocodile resting as well as some hippos, a big herd of Elephants came running down to grab a much needed drink. Very peaceful as we sat before heading back to camp. Big rain clouds were coming our way hopefully bringing lots of much needed rain.

    9 February 2018 - Today we set off from camp after a filling breakfast! Temperature was lovely and cool with a slight drizzle. Lovely elephant interaction quite close to camp just sitting and watching these majestic mammals is a real treat. As we drove along the napi road we hit a road block of at least 7 giraffes just standing and watching us! A beautiful sight. We headed to skukuza for our coffee break and on the way just before klipspringer koppies we spotted 2 male lions chilling! They spent the rest of the day there, as lions are very good at sleeping! After coffee we headed back to pretoriuoskop we estimated we'd be there about 1pm.. we drove a little way down a dirt road when I spotted a leopard kill in the tree, a female impala, no sign of the leopard until we looked closely into one of the bushes and there she was hiding in the shade, once we'd spotted her it was amazing just to sit for an hour or so watching her. A quick drive to transport dam and there in the tree was another leopard! ! What luck. Now we could head back to camp windswept and hungry! After checking in my guests booked themselves on a night drive so an early supper for us!

    10 February 2018 - This morning we met for our drive at 5:30 am it was lovely and cool with a lot of heavy cloud cover...perfect cat weather! Our first animals to greet us was a herd of Elephants including some babies! A big bull blocked our path for a while and we could only move when he decided it was allowed! A nice dazzle of zebras grazing happily along the way. I took a turn down the S65, a long dirt road.. as we turned the heavens opened and it poured down, very welcomed rain and then we had a beautiful double rainbow truly spectacular. A few kms down the road and a quick check in the trees and there was a beautiful female leopard looking extremely comfortable lazing on a marula branch, we watched as she lay before getting down after 15 mins. Off to skukuza for a buffet breakfast but not before we drove down the napi road and found a lone cheetah walking in the bush, totally unexpected and a great way to finish off the morning drive. Back at camp for lunch and the out for a pm drive. This afternoon we set off at 15:30 for a little bumble around the pretoriuoskop area. It was a hot and clear afternoon with temperatures in the high 30's. We came across some lovely giraffes and elephants and then decided to do one of the little loops, I showed my guests the spot, a cluster of small rocks, where we would find leopard cubs a couple of years ago so I always make a point of stopping and looking.. just in case! Nothing! So we set off along fayi loop a very pretty drive where we saw some zebras, Waterbuck and kudus. As we were coming to end of the road, my colleague Gert called to say that there was a leopard on the spot where we stopped!!! Amazing! We got to the leopard and it was a beautiful male. We sat for at least an hour with him and then he got up and moved so I drove to the end of the road and there in front of us were 2 rhinos! A great way to end the day.

    11 February 2018 - Today was our last drive and it was pouring with rain! That's not going to stop us. We set off and headed to the waterhole where the regular hippos were and a massive crocodile. Further on we came across a small family of elephants and just a little way down we saw some very cute hyenas, as we were looking I saw a few cars ahead so I decided to go and see what they were looking at...a male cheetah sitting on a termite mound lying in the pouring rain! A memorable sighting for my guests on their last drive.

    15 February 2018 - Today my 2 new guests and I are staying at the Protea hotel just outside Kruger gate. After pick up we drove through numbi gate towards pretoriuoskop for a quick bite to eat. It's incredibly hot as we set off along the napi road. A couple of elephants were fanning themselves under a marula tree, zebras and impala all seeking shade from the 40° temperature! I decided to head down the 112 to renosterkoppies, there’s a nice waterhole there, to our surprise there was also 2 male lions along with 3 females. The honeymoon couple mated right in front of us!!! Amazing Storm clouds were building with hopefully lots of rain. All checked in and happy!

    16 February 2018 - Rain, rain and more lovely rain! Today we set off early from Paul Kruger gate, the first ones in the park! We came across some lovely Elephants and then a huge giraffe bull feeding from a knob thorn tree. Male kudus were plentiful as we headed down the 114 road to see if we could find the lions from yesterday, obviously lions walk around at night as they are more active. We glanced around the waterhole and there was no sign of them, a bit further up the road I saw some big lion tracks and turned down the S21 we followed the tracks for a while so we guessed they had to be somewhere close by...6 kms from the junction lay 3 handsome males rolling around and just about managing to open their eyes to look at us! A great sighting all to ourselves for an hour. The rain was getting heavy as we headed back to the lodge for lunch and the heavens opened up with lovely thunder. We waited until around 4pm to go for a drive as it was pouring down! The afternoon offered great photo opportunities of the big storm clouds with some beautiful zebras and elephants. Another great day in the park.

    17 February 2018 - Today was our last day of a so far, great safari! We had much welcomed rain last night and heading into the park there was a slight drizzle with a promise of rain later. We headed up to mantekenyane koppie for an impressive panoramic view of the area. A truly spectacular sight. A few zebras and the odd elephant along the way made for nice sightings. We headed to pretoriuoskop for a coffee break and a leg stretch. I had heard there was a leopard in the area so we set off to find him...and there he was laying on a rock under a jackleberry tree about 40m away from us. With leopard sightings we like to spend as much time as we can with this elusive cat as they don't tend to hang around for long. We had a good 45 mins with him before he decided to climb down and disappear out of sight. A great way to end a safari with very happy guests.

    19 February 2018 - Today I collected a family of four all the way from shanghai. We are staying at Berg en dal camp for 3 nights so entered at malelane gate. The weather today was very hot and humidity was at 88% with 55% chance of rain. Entering the park our first animal was a small herd of Elephants with a tiny baby of a few months old, totally adorable! Hiding safely in the bush we also spotted a couple of rhinos hanging out with a herd of buffalo. Impalas galore grazing and then a few kms on the 114 we saw a pack of about 13 wild dogs...a real treat to find as they are critically endangered. An excellent start to our safari as we headed back for supper.

    20 February 2018 - This morning as we set off it cool and overcast, great weather for cats so let's hope! Our first animal was a lone buffalo and close to him was a nice dazzle of zebras. We turned onto the s114 to have a bit of dirt road adventure! Not too far along we came across the same pack of wild dogs all covered in mud giving them an orange tinge! As we headed down the S119 I'd heard there were some lions a bit further up so we set off to find them, we saw a female lying on a rock quite a distance away though. After coffee at afsaal we headed back to camp as it had decided to pour down with rain. We were about 8kms from berg en dal when we spotted a few could only be a cat! A beautiful young leopard was sitting very comfortably in a marula tree, she sat for a while before crossing the road and climbing up a tree very well hidden. A nice way to end a morning drive.

    21 February 2018 - We awoke this morning to a soaking berg en dal! With over 55mm of rain during the night everything seemed cleaner and there was a lovely freshness to the air. We left at 6:30 am and the animals seemed to be hiding due to the rain of course our first animal was impala looking cold and wet as they grazed. We headed along the H3 and then took a turn down the S118 to see if we could pick up the lions from yesterday. Sure enough they were lying with full bellies after devouring a buffalo that they'd probably killed overnight. Predators are at their most dangerous during windy and rainy conditions as the prey can't hear them creeping up. There were a few cubs and we counted 4 females and then the male came out to make an appearance and drag the buffalo into the bush. The pride is known as the gabbro pride and is often seen in this area. After breakfast we headed back to camp as it started to rain again so we can relax before our afternoon drive.

    23 February 2018 - Today I start a new 3 night safari with 7 guests, 3 all the way from Canada and a family of 4 from Finland. We are staying at nkambeni camp for the duration. After check in and a nice lunch we headed out for a short afternoon drive. We were talking about the possibility of seeing giraffes and just as we turned the corner stood a female browsing from a sickle bush! After a few minutes her young calf joined her and they set off into the bush together. Lots of impalas and after watching them for a while we heard them alarm calling? possible that it is the resident male leopard...he didn't come into view but still nice to know we were potentially very close to one! Some elephants nice and close to us as we headed home and we watched a mother warthog with her piglets trotting down the road. A very pleasant afternoon as we returned to camp for supper.

    24 February 2018 - Today looked promising for rain and as predicted we drove some of the drive in our ponchos!!! After entering the gate we drove slowly and came across an elephant enjoying the rain munching on the odd marula fruit. Literally 700m from the elephant I saw a curled tail in the grass and there just staring at us was a young female leopardess, as another vehicle approached she ran off into the bush a great way to start the day. Lovely giraffes on the road not bothered by us at all.... we watched as they walked very gracefully into the open. It was a bit early for coffee so we decided to head to renosterkoppies where we saw the most handsome male lions, 4 in total just resting by the waterhole a very impressive sight to see and such a privilege. Now we were ready for coffee! We headed back to camp via the watergat road, I'd heard that a cheetah had killed an impala I wasn't too sure it would still be there though. Just 1.9km down the road we spotted a movement in the bush, it wasn't a cheetah it was actually a wild dog and not just 1 but at least 10! Amazing to say the least. We sat for a while and then lost visual of them so now let's look for the cheetah, we saw a hyena wandering around at the spot where the cheetah should be and also some vultures so we looked but couldn't see anything not until the impalas started alarm calling and out of nowhere the cheetah appeared!! What luck we sat as she eyed the impalas but her cover was blown! After 20 mins she went into the bush out of sight. What an incredible morning drive as we came back into camp.

    25 February 2018 - This afternoon we collected 2 new guests from Australia and Russia. We weren't expecting to see a lot as we were only driving for and hour or so. We set off down the albesini road, a gravel road that ends up close to phabeni gate. We drove and stopped at 3.7kms as there not more than 5 metres from the road sat a male lion, one of the shabeni pride. He's incredibly handsome with quite a light mane. He sat and looked at us for a while all the time looking to the left of where he sat, there's another male in this pride and also females with young cubs fathered by him...maybe they were there we couldn't see them though so we set off to mestle dam and saw some baby hippos fighting very, very cute. As time was limited we decided to go and take a look at the lion again. This time we watched as a family of warthogs headed straight for him and then all of a sudden he charged, it was very exciting to watch but he was unsuccessful in his attempt! One of the wart

  • On Safari With Gert

    05 February 2018 - We started a new Safari this afternoon and entered the Park around 14:00pm in cloudy conditions. We were quite lucky about an hour into our drive, as we found a spot where Lions had killed a Buffalo the day before. At first we only saw a few Vultures in the nearby treetops, but on closer inspection we managed to locate the carcass, not far off the road, but quite well hidden in the thick undergrowth. We eventually also managed to locate one lioness nearby, very full and lazy, lying down under a tree a few meters from the carcass. She lifted her head a few times to look over at the carcass, making sure that the Vultures kept their distance, but for the most part she remained quite well hidden. Still, a good start to the Safari. We then stopped at a large waterhole where we found several Hippo in the water, a few Buffalo on the bank, as well as a young Elephant bull drinking. There was also a Crocodile lying on the bank and at some point, 2 young Hippo left the water, walking straight over to the Crocodile. The Croc realized they were young Hippo and wasn't very keen to move out of their way, even as they tried to bite it on the tail and back legs. Eventually the Crocodile had enough of the unwanted attention and spun around, mouth open, sending the 2 young Hippo running back to the water! Very interesting to see the interaction between these creatures who normally tend to avoid each other even though they share the same habitat and making for a good first afternoon of the Safari!

    6 February 2018 - We left camp early this morning and had an amazing start to the day, as we found 3 Honey Badgers within the space of about 10 minutes. They were all on the move, with their characteristic bustling trot through the undergrowth, but we did manage to see 2 of them quite well, especially one who came out into a clearing to have a good look at us as we were watching a small family group of Giraffe at the time, before it carried on and crossed the road in front of us! A little further on we came across an African Wild Dog in the road and rapidly gathering Vultures descending on the ground. As we approached the Wild Dog ran into the bush, joining 2 others which had just killed a young Impala! We caught glimpses of the Impala as they tore it up and devoured it in the undergrowth in about 5 minutes, leaving only the stomach contents and some bones for the Vultures to pick clean! The Dogs then came running out onto the road next to us and we followed them for a few hundred meters before they veered off the road and out of sight, a brilliant sighting! It turned out to be a great morning for interesting predator behavior, as later on, in a reed bed along the river, we saw a young male Giraffe in the reeds, only its head and neck visible. We thought it was a strange place for Giraffe to be sitting down and on closer inspection and as the Giraffe tried to move, we noticed a very large Crocodile between the reeds and could see that it had a hold on one of the Giraffe's hind legs! The Giraffe would sit for long periods, trying to regain some strength, before wildly flailing in unsuccessful attempts to free itself from the vice-like grip of the Crocodile and get up! We watched for a while, but did not see the outcome. However they appeared to reach a stalemate, and we left the sighting knowing that even if the young Giraffe managed to break free, it will most likely be injured quite badly; possibly even have a broken leg and the eventual outcome would probably not be a good one for the Giraffe - certainly a very interesting morning on Safari!

    7 February 2018 - We left camp early this morning in cloudy conditions that prevailed for most of the day. Driving along a large riverbed early on, we came across part of a large pride of Lion; 13 animals in total, consisting of 4 adult females and what appeared to be at least 2 different litters of cubs, some around 6 months old and at least four of the cubs quite small, under 2 months of age! While the adults were rather lazy for the most part - only changing position here and there, or occasionally lifting a head to make sure the cubs don't wander off too far - the younger cubs especially were very playful and active, chasing each other, or wrestling with each other - often right on top of their mother! Although a distant sighting, it was clear and open and we could sit and watch their antics for some time. After our breakfast break, we managed to get a quick glimpse of a Leopard on the move as it was stalking a troop of Baboons. Unfortunately the Baboons had spotted it and a few of the large males were alarm calling very loudly and aggressively, sending the Leopard into hiding and we couldn't locate it again in the thick undergrowth. Throughout the course of the morning we also encountered several Elephant breeding herds and one large and very relaxed male feeding right on the edge of the road, providing us with a great view. We went out for a short late afternoon drive which turned out to be extremely lucrative. Responding to a Leopard update received, we were lucky enough to find it sleeping in a Marula tree, in great afternoon sunlight, about 15 meters off the road. We sat with it for a while, every now and then lifting its head to look around or reposition, but for the most part very comfortable - a great sighting! Then, not much further, we found a large male Lion about 5 meters off the road, resting in some cover. As it turned out, it had caught a fairly large Warthog not long before and was taking a break from feeding. After a while it sat up, yawned, got up, stretched, scratched on a nearby tree and picked up the Warthog to continue feeding right next to us in great, gory detail! Incredibly, on our way back to camp, we also came across a pack of at least 14 African Wild Dog on the move, appearing about to set off on a hunt. There were several young dogs with the pack, which is always nice to see and we had the entire pack come out towards us and running straight past our vehicle, making for a great sighting and a brilliant day's game viewing!

    10 February 2018 - We started a new Safari with a big group, here as part of a Birthday celebration. After settling in at our camp we went for a late afternoon drive, which started off well with a small Elephant herd crossing the road close to us, as well as several other Elephant, most of them feeding on fallen fruit underneath the Marula trees. We also stopped at a small waterhole, where we found 4 Hippo in the water, 3 female Buffalo wallowing on the waters edge, as well as a fairly large Crocodile in the water. We were very lucky towards the end of the drive, to spot a male Leopard resting in a perfect spot on a flat rock under a Marula. We watched him for some time, until he eventually got up and, after scent marking a few trees, disappeared in the undergrowth - a great start!

    11 February 2018 - This morning after leaving camp early, we found a few Spotted Hyena on the prowl, as well as a few others out at their den-sites. We were also lucky enough to find a Cheetah resting in the open on a large termite mound! The Cheetah seemed quite full and it was also cool and cloudy, allowing it to stay out longer than it probably would have done in direct sunlight We also had a good, close-up sighting of very inquisitive Giraffe, quite a large mixed group of males and females of different ages - always a crowd favorite!

    12 February 2018 - We went on a short late afternoon drive yesterday, during which we sat and watched a very relaxed old Elephant bull feeding next to the road. We also encountered a few large mixed herds of Zebra and Wildebeest, with several youngsters in their midst. Towards the end of the afternoon we got quite lucky; finding 2 White Rhino grazing in a clearing close to the road. While watching the Rhino, we also spotted a distant female Leopard on a termite mound under a tree and on closer inspection, it turned out that she was nursing 2 cubs! This morning we left camp early, hoping for some more predator activity, as we haven't seen any Lion for 3 days! Incredibly, we encountered another Leopard early on, thanks to the Impala alarm calls that gave her presence away. It was a very quick sighting, however and she moved further into the bush and away from us after her cover was blown. We also found a few Spotted Hyena on the move, but the morning warmed up rather quickly, dispelling any rumors and chances of Lion sightings! We had many more quality Elephant sightings along the river as they came out to drink and cool down, and were privileged to sit and watch several male Giraffe feeding in a clearing close by - another great day's game viewing!

    15 February 2018 - We left our Hotel early to enter the park at opening time. The drive started off a bit quiet, but we did find good general game, in particular a large herd of Blue Wildebeest with many calves, running and in single file, crossing the road close to us. As the day started warming up significantly our chances of finding predator activity dropped, but we did find 2 large male Lion sleeping in a shady spot, luckily in the open and only about 20 meters off the road, with one of them at least rolling over to face us and lifting his head a couple of times to have a look around. We also managed to get a quick glimpse of a nervous Leopard as it moved away and into a thicket! In the heat we did see many Elephant, solitary males as well as breeding herds, the majority of them under Marula trees where they could try and cool down in the shade, their ears working overtime, flapping to cool down the blood, while picking up the fallen fruit under the trees; otherwise at water or mud pools where they were trying to cover themselves against the sun. A hot, but successful day on Safari..

    22 February 2018 - We started a new Safari yesterday afternoon and on route to our camp encountered several Elephant bulls feeding near the road, as well as Spotted Hyena outside almost all the known dens in the area, thanks to the cool, cloudy weather. We left camp early this morning, and were greeted by a beautiful sunrise to start off. We had our first Giraffe sighting not much later, when we found 2 males in the road. They leisurely crossed and carried on feeding right next to us, very relaxed - a great start! We got very lucky a little further on, when we found part of a pack of African Wild Dog, 12 of them, also in the road. They were very excited and looked like they had just fed, as most of them had blood on their faces and throats. There were also 3 Spotted Hyena moving around close to the dogs, but keeping their distance from the dogs - which weren't paying them any attention anyway - as they were well outnumbered. Some of the Dogs were contact-calling constantly, which indicates that the pack might have split up during the hunt or possibly because of the Hyena; and were now trying to locate each other. There was also 1 younger male, not fully grown and often they have many youngsters of the same age in a pack, so it might be other youngsters they were calling for. The 1 young male was showing much interest in a particular female and mated or attempted to mate with her on several occasions, interesting behavior as they have a strict hierarchy and there were at least 4 adult males with the pack. Every now and then 1 of the Hyena would get too close and the dogs would jump up and move away, until at one stage it looked like a few of them were surrounding one of the Hyena, also a youngster. It got nervous quickly and decided to bolt out of there, the dogs not really bothered to chase it. However, a special sighting, offering great picture opportunities and very lucky to see the interaction of the pack and between the 2 different predator species!

    23 February 2018 - Yesterday afternoon we went out for a short, but very productive drive, finding our first cats for the Safari. As we left camp, not more than a kilometer out, we found what looked like a young male Leopard lounging in a Marula tree about 50m from the road! At first he appeared fast asleep, but started stirring after a while, looking around and yawning a few times. Very lazy indeed, but at least providing us with some good views! We then came across a Lion sighting where they had made a kill the day before and were quite full and also very lazy as a result. We saw a few females and some young males quite well from time to time as they moved in the undergrowth, but they were well hidden for the most part, just showing their heads now and then, or rolling over and a few tail swishes! There were a large number of Vultures gathered on the ground and surrounding trees, patiently waiting for their chance to feed... As we were about to leave the sighting, 3 White Rhino came walking through the scattered Lions, incredibly both species completely undisturbed by the other's presence! The 3 Rhino walked right up to the side of the road, grazing right next to us for a brilliant sighting! This morning was great for Elephant sightings, as we found a very large and frustrated bull in full musth in the road. It was clear that he didn't want our company and he also took out some of his frustration on the surrounding trees, leaving a trail of broken branches and bushes along the road! We also encountered several large breeding herds along the river, with some very small calves and got great views of them as the crossed the road or moved alongside us on route to the river to drink and cool down.

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