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Kruger offers you a variety of options for panoramic views and close range encounters with the wild. Your visit to the Kruger National Park promises you a wild experience you can never have anywhere else. In fact, Kruger's delights cannot be exhausted in one vacation trip.

You will need to develop a meticulous tour plan to really savor the best that Kruger has to offer. The park extends along the boundaries of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is home to thousands of species of birds and large mammals. Notable among the larger mammals are lions and elephants which roam the wild with undisturbed demeanor.

On Safari With Amanda

7 May 2018

This morning I collected my 2 new guests both from Australia. They've been in South Africa for a month now and decided to join us for a quick safari.

Entering the park through numbi gate we came across some lovely female kudus chomping away, their massive ears continuously moving listening to any potential predators lurking in the very long grass.

Shithave dam is always a nice stop for hippos and the water birds, today a lone buffalo was warming himself in the afternoon sun. Winter is nearly here and the temperature takes quite a dip when the sun has gone down.

We spotted a couple of giraffes drinking and as we headed back to camp a very cute hyena was walking down the road until he eventually decided to have a nap smack bang in the middle of the road!

A very pleasant afternoon drive as we head back for supper.

8 May 2018

Winter is definitely closing in as we set off for a short morning drive from pretoriuoskop camp. A very refreshing drive with my guests wrapped in all the blankets! Temperature expected today is 30°.

Lots of impalas and some very cute dwarf mongoose sunning themselves. A huge male giraffe caused a roadblock for a while, we weren't complaining though.

After breakfast we collected our new guests and headed to skukuza for the night. My guests were on a night drive after supper so we chilled at camp enjoying the river view.

9 May 2018

Today we say goodbye to 4 of our guests so we did a short drive before returning for breakfast. We had fun tracking the very fresh lion tracks but unfortunately no lions!

Giraffe very close to our vehicle munching at a knobthorn tree. Breakfast was very welcoming at skukuza and then we were on our way.

Myself and my other 2 guests checking in at pretoriuoskop camp.

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