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Big 5 Wildlife Safaris in Africa

In Africa, tours are not complete without going on a wildlife safari. This magnificent continent is home to the most majestic wildlife in the world and attracts millions of people every year who come to gaze upon the beauty of the African bush. Most people will only get to enjoy this trip a few times during their life, which is why it is so important to choose your safaris wisely. South Africa's prize gem certainly has to be the Kruger National Park. As one of the largest game reserves on the continent, you can a plethora of wildlife and sightings of the Big Five happen daily. If you want to enjoy a safari in South Africa, get in touch and we will guarantee you an unforgettable experience!


On Safari With Kara

17 June 2017

Day one of our 4 day safari started as soon I picked up my 6 guests from Fennex from Dez after being picked up from Johannesburg and brought to Nelspruit. We made our way to Kruger and entered at Numbi gate and headed straight to Pretoriuskop camp where we had a lunch stop. On our way there we managed to spot a family of Impalas next to the road. After lunch we made our way down a dirt road towards Phabeni gate where w e were spoiled by two unique sightings. The first was three blips in the road which after getting bit closer we saw it was 3 adult cheetahs rolling in the road and just looking at us taking pictures off them. The slowly made their way down the winding road marking their territory by urinating against the trees and rubbing the ir faces against different surfaces. We followed them for about 2 km and after the y headed into the thick bush where we lost visual. We were so chuffed we couldn't imagine that it could get any better and my words were barely cold and about 3 km from their 4 wild-dogs ran in front of me in to the road. Stopping briefly smelling the air flopping down for a quick rest and after leaving scat behind they followed the scent. Probably busy hunting some thing. Later we exited the gate and headed to Numbi Hotel where we spent our first night and had a lovely Buffet and early night for an early rise the next day.

18 June 2017

When we entered the park it was still cloudy and the sun had not yet made an appearance so it was very dark but we b did have the pleasure of watching the sun come up slowly. Our first sighting was a Big elephant that came to drink was at a dam in the area. Later we had our first sighting of a leopard about 15 m in in the grass sitting up and warming up in the sun. We watched her for a while hoping for her to move around a bit but instead she went and lied down almost disappearing completely fro m our view in the tall grass. After a while of driving we got a heads up on a possible sighting of a male lion a kilometer down the road. We could see his face and head really well but s topping their and luck being on our side we were there while he got up and moved across a open clearing and then going to sleep in a drainage line. I was blown away b y our luck of the predators we had in only a morning and afternoon drive we saw all the difficult predators to find. We also later that day after checking in at Pretoriuskop camp had our first sighting of a family of Giraffes reaching the very tip of trees to get to the leaves others cant reach and wrapping their long tongues around the branches pulling off the leaves.

19 June 2017

Each day of the time we spent was soo good and we just got to see more and m ore and more. This day we got to see a leopard sitting under a Fig tree and then making his way down the road with a string of us happily following her. Sent marking and moving from the right to left the whole time we got such beautiful glimpses of her next to the vehicle and in front. Later we finally we got to see 4 White Rhinos next to the road all wanting to eat from the same spot of grass that was around a termite mound. 2 Adults and a 2 and 4 year old. All a little nervous with the wind changing direction the whole ti me. We got to see 2 sightings of families of hyenas play and chase one another all over in the road and one even sneaking close to the vehicle coming to cause trouble and we had to start the engine to keep him from maybe biting the bull bar. The little investigating and nosy animals they are. They can cause some damage if you give them the chance.

20 June 2017

Our last morning together was a cold but good morning. We got to see a big Buffalo male in the reeds completely covered with mud and eating some grass for breakfast. Later we had a Lazy Leopard sleeping on a big rock on a rocky outcrop not motivated to move into the shade but trying to warm up after the cold night. Not at all bothered by us. We had a good breakfast at Wimpy back at camp and then thereafter I had to meet Dez at the gate to take them to Johannesburg to catch their flight for Cape Town. All in all a very lucky and special trip with no quiet drive the bush kept on showing us more and more.

On Safari With Gert

18 June 2017

This morning we entered the Park early amid cool and cloudy conditions. As it w as also quite windy, with a bit of a chill factor, it normally means most animals will be hiding in tall grass or thickets to escape the wind. However, we were quite lucky to have a fair amount of predator activity throughout the day, starting off with a few African Wild Dogs on the move. They appeared to be hunting, as we only had a very quick sighting of them running through the bush and crossing the road... Not much further on, we spotted a lone male Lion lying in tall grass with h is head up, just his face and mane visible above the grass. He lay back down eventually and couldn't be seen again in the grass. Further on we found some more Lions, a mating pair and although fairly distant, they were in a clearing and we could see them quite well, sleeping for the most part, but we did get to see them mate twice during the time we spent there! Later on we found the same pack of Wild Dogs, this time fast asleep about 5 meters off the road. Shortly before checking in at our new camp for the night, we also found a young Spotted Hyena, about 6 months old, lying by its den entrance - all in all a great day for predator sightings!

19 June 2017

We left camp early this morning after a bit of rain overnight. We got very lucky early on when we found a female Leopard walking along the road and had a great vie w while following her down the road for a few hundred meters before s he veered off the road and disappeared in the long grass. We then found 2 active Spotted Hyena dens a few kilometers apart, at the second den a young cub was suckling from its mom at the den entrance. After our breakfast stop we were lucky enough to find two large male Lions lying in the open in a riverbed. They appeared to have eaten recently and were very lazy, only lifting their heads now and then to have a look around. Incredibly we then also found a lone Cheetah, a distant sighting, but in the ope n on the edge of a waterhole, keeping an eye on some nearby Impala, but not very interested as it kept dozing off in the late afternoon sun; a great day for predator activity!

20 June 2017

This morning we left camp early in clear but cold conditions and although the first hour or so was fairly quiet, it was a lovely morning with a beautiful Africa n sunrise and mist hanging in all the valleys and low lying areas. It was a good day for the large herbivores as on various occasions at the water holes and rivers we found Hippos out of the water, firstly some youngsters, including a small baby, playing and play-fighting on the water's edge. Later on we found a lone Hippo, also a youngster, with some fresh wounds in its side, luckily not very deep, but he probably got bullied by a territorial bull, hence he was all by himself and grazing along the riverbank. We also found a large pod sunbathing on the water's edge. Eventually, after 3 days, we also managed to find some Giraffe brow sing on the side of the road, providing us with a great view and good picture opportunities! We saw many Elephants throughout the day, including 2 large breeding herd s, and in one of these was a really small baby which we were lucky enough to have cross the road in front of our vehicle! We also found a large Bull feeding on a freshly pushed over Marula tree, most likely done by himself to get to the tastier top branches! Another great day on Safari!

On Safari With Amanda

20 June 2017

Today I fetch 3 lovely ladies from Toronto, Canada. After a filling breakfast we headed off on a drive. The temperature was a warm 25° with bright sunshine. Along the way we saw some lovely Elephants, there was a slight breeze and one young elephant seemed to be irritated as he ran around pushing over apple leave trees, they were only small apple leaf trees but to him he was showing us even though he was small he meant business! We were so absorbed by him we almost jumped out of our sea ts when a big female trumpeted so loudly at us from the other side of the road! We drove off with hearts pumping. A view of the area we'd driven from mantikenyane is always an eye opener for guests when they realize how big the park actually is. A few selfies later and we headed to skukuza for a quick lunch. My guests were on a night drive starting at 8pm so we returned back to camp at 4, after watching some beautiful Zebras crossing the road.

21 June 2017

We were up early for a full days game drive today. A bit of a chilly start, lo ts of blankets, wooly hats and gloves were the essential safari wear as we headed out. Impalas, having made it safely through the night grazed at the ever decreasing grass supply. Elephants kudus and a mischief of vervet monkeys entertained us with their playful antics. Breakfast and a hot coffee was definitely very welcomed as we chilled at skukuza. I decided to head to afsaal after breakfast and we were treated to another mammal that had eaten so much she could hardly move...a female leopard was hanging in a marula tree with a huge full belly, the branch next to her had the remains o f a young male impala she'd killed the night before, it was a comical sight to see as it looked like she would not be able to move due to her huge belly. We left excited about seeing such a great sighting. As we pulled into afsaal and parked up, there actually in the picnic area were 2 huge elephants enjoying a snack as they chomped away at leaves, not caring about us at all and only 10metres away. We sat at the table and just watched in awe of them. On the way home we were lucky enough to see hyenas and rhinos.

22 June 2017

Our last day today. We did a short drive, again quite chilly for the first hour. Some general game, zebras impalas and giraffes. We followed the tracks of a huge male lion but they ended up off the road and deep into the bush. After breakfast we headed off and so another great safari with some lovely guests.

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