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In Africa it is the Big Five that every visitor wants to see. Nowadays the Big Five are the mantra of the conservation stance that the safari now embraces. Elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard are not at present endangered species, but in times of dwindling habitats it is the huge expanses of game reserves such as Kruger National Park in Southern Africa that ensure their survival. The luxury wildlife safari plays an important part in funding conservation efforts and sustaining the game reserves, so by enjoying the holiday of a lifetime you will also be contributing to the survival of the fascinating animals that are so thrilling to watch.

Kruger park safari

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Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Robbie

    15 November 2017 - Strangely enough our new safari began in exceptionally cold weather and 15 minutes prior to picking Stephan and Susan up it was to 39 degrees! These Lowveld storms certainly can cool things down! On our afternoon safari we saw great game including huge herds of Zebra and Giraffe , but our highlight was the sighting of an extremely new born Hippo calf which I reckon was less than a week old! The little guy was so cute and kept on trying to cling to its very nearby Mothers back! It was amazing to see that at all times the calf was less than a meter from the very protective Mother!

    16 November 2017 - Yesterday we had absolute unique sightings where the sighting of the day included 4 together! The reason being it was incredible to spot all 4 Super Predators in one day! A female Leopard crossed the road like 3 meters in front of us at 5-40 am ..... Then at 06 -15 we came across a female Spotted Hyena literally sleeping on the road ! .... At 07-15 we came across 2 spectacular Male Lions who were settling down in an open area about 50 m in from us and at 16-30 the most difficult Super Predator of them all ( the Cheetah ! ) came to us in the form of a female eating on a young Impala! This is not seen every day and we were all extremely chuffed!

    17 November 2017 - Today the Panorama tour has been prolific due to incredibly cool weather and clear visibility at the look out points.

    18 November 2017 - On our short morning safari our highlight was an animal that hardly gets a mention!! A female Warthog approached our safari vehicle through some thick bush and then 5 tiny babies followed her all in a row !! Its debatable, but tiny Warthogs are to me one of the cutest youngsters in the African bush!! Crossing the road in their new lives one wondered how many would actually make it to adulthood! It had been an awesome safari for Suzan and Stephan and we wish them a great self drive vacation down to Cape Town!

Kruger park safari

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