Big Five Safaris in the Kruger Park

You will need to develop a meticulous tour plan to really savor the best that Kruger has to offer. The park extends along the boundaries of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is home to thousands of species of birds and large mammals. Notable among the larger mammals are lions and elephants which roam the wild with undisturbed demeanor.

On Safari With Amanda

16 April 2018

Today is the start of a 4 day safari. I collected my 2 guests from the UK and we headed in at numbi gate. The weather was a very pleasant overcast 28° as we entered the park. Tonight we are staying at skukuza camp the biggest camp in the park.

Along the way we spotted some beautiful impalas and kudus busy eating the remaining leaves and grasses as autumn is here.

A very cute hyena was lying very close to the road, not bothered by us at all as we took some pictures and headed off. A distant bull elephant was spotted and then about 20m from the road we spotted a white rhino! Always great to see the rhinos.

A quick stop at mantikenyane and we drove to skukuza for check in. A beautiful drive as we settled into our chalets.

17 April 2018

 This morning was lovely and cool as we set off for a morning drive. We decided to do a bit of the dirt road as there were few cars around and maybe luck will be on our side with some cats?

We saw some lovely giraffes browsing on the way and then we were completely blocked by a big bull elephant who was not in the mood to move…so we waited and waited until he eventually got bored and moved off! Further down the road we found some fresh lion tracks and there a few meters from the road were 2 cubs and a couple of females resting, to see the cubs was amazing so beautiful! We stayed for a while and then headed off as they’d decided to have a nap!

Breakfast time at afsaal and then we headed to malelane gate to collect 3 new guests from the UK, we’re all staying at Berg en dal camp so I decided to go on matjulu loop…not more than 4 kms down the road and something caught my eye…a pack of wild dogs chilling in the shade…amazing! A great sighting with a top predator.

After check in and lunch my guests were on a sunset drive so hopefully they will spot something exciting!

25 April 2018

Today I start a new safari with 2 guests from Poland. We’re staying at skukuza for 2 nights so we entered in at numbi gate. Temperature today was a very autumnal 35°!

A few elephants on the way and then of course some beautiful impalas hanging out with a couple of kudus.

We saw some great rhinos far in the distance but still beautiful to see.

I took one of the dirt roads and roughly 4kms down the road we spotted 2 lions, a male and a female not more than 2m from the road, apparently there were at least 7 more but they were very well hidden! We sat waiting for an hour but they didn’t move so we headed to skukuza for check in.

Literally 5kms from the lions we spotted a young leopard briefly before it sauntered out of view!

A fantastic first day for my guests.

26 April 2018

Today looked set to be a very hot day as we sat and watched a beautiful sunrise over the lebombo mountains.

We’d been on the dirt road for 5 mins when we got a quick glimpse of a leopard in the very long grass. Some amazing baby giraffes walking quite awkwardly with their gangly legs!

Our first zebras of the day and as we say watching a clan of hyenas we heard the lions calling to the east of us.. a reminder were in the African bush!

After breakfast we headed back to camp after we’d seen some beautiful elephants drinking at the wier.

I went to Kruger gate to pick up 4 more guests and after checking in and a quick lunch we headed out on an afternoon drive.

Along the road we spotted blue wildebeest acting very nervously and then the impalas started alarm calling, there must have been a leopard in there somewhere? We did have a visual but still exciting to see.

A quick turn on the 112 and we found a rather grim sight of a tawny eagle eating the remains of an impala that a leopard had killed earlier.. no sign of the leopard though!

Back to camp and a lovely supper before my guests went on a night drive!

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