Budget Kruger National Park Safaris

5 Day Budget Kruger  Safari
5 Day Budget Kruger Safari

As you wing your way from Johannesburg to the iconic Kruger National Park, you begin the first of five glorious days of thrilling to the sights and smells of the African bushveld. In this 5 day/4 night package costs are slashed, but the experience remains priceless.



5 Days

2 Day Budget Kruger National Park Safari
2 Day Budget Kruger National Park Safari

This safari is for those that have a limited budget but want to experience all the Kruger has to offer with great sightings of all the Big 5 and much more in a short space of time.



2 Days


Join us for a fun filled Budget African Safari adventure as we navigate through the majestic Kruger National Park. With a brimming diversity of wildlife and Big Game. Our 3 Day Budget Beater Safari offers many game drives that will provide you with ample opportunity to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Most high end safaris for 3 days can cost upwards of R15000 per person.



3 Days


As you wing your way from Johannesburg to the iconic Kruger National Park, you begin the first of four glorious days of thrilling to the sights and smells of the African bushveld. In this 4 day/3 night package costs are slashed, but the experience remains priceless. You will enjoy no less than 6 magnificent guided day safaris with your experienced Safari Guide in an open safari vehicle.



4 Days

Budget Kruger National Park Safaris – Book an Affordable Safari to South Africa

The Kruger National Park has something for everyone. This is why, although there are numerous similar parks, the Kruger remains a favourite across the globe. Budget Kruger Park safari like those by Nhongo Safaris have made the park more accessible to every kind of traveller, and our selection of budget packages are perfect for anyone looking to escape to Africa, even if it is just for a few days.

Those serene African sunsets, the call of the owls, roaring lions and laughing hyenas, make the Kruger the one place on earth where the moment you enter the vast, bushveld landscape, it feels as though nothing else matters. Time stands still in the park, which makes it the perfect destination for those looking to take a break from it all. Besides our affordable safaris in South Africa, we also offer luxury Kruger National Park Safaris and of course there are the classic Kruger safaris and our specialty safari options.

Why “Budget”?

The word “budget” is used as a term to describe an economically friendly safari holiday. While the accommodation and the amenities available with these packages is likely to be a little more rustic, trips into the park are on par with those luxury options. The variety of packages are suitable for all kinds of travellers including solo visitors in search of a real African adventure, romantic couples looking for some quiet time away, travelling groups of friends looking to make memories, and families wanting to enjoy a once in a lifetime trip.

To keep expenses low, many tour companies including ours, prefer to set guests up within one of the many Kruger National Park camps. Staying in bungalows or huts is the norm, and this style of accommodation has the kind of perks that those staying outside of the park will not get to experience. Being able to sleep within the park is considered by many to be a luxury in itself. The Kruger has its own unique vibe and it is best experienced by staying in one of the camps.

An Affordable Safari in South Africa


With the budget option, guests should keep in mind that they might have to share bathrooms and kitchen spaces. Communal is the norm when staying in certain bungalows and huts, but that again is a perk, as park guests will get to mingle with one another and share exciting stories about what they have spotted during one of their drives in the park.

And then there are those Kruger Park evenings. As the sun goes down, nocturnal life awakens and the night is filled with the sounds of predators. Roars in the distance from hungry lions calling to one another, with bats, owls and all sorts of night birds adding their voices into the mix, while hyenas prowl the camp perimeters, lured by the smell of meat cooking over an open fire, in the true South African style, all add to the magic.

Safari drives begin early in the morning. Guests rise well before the sun has risen, as it is park lore that the best time to see wildlife is in the cool morning hours. Once the sun reaches its zenith, the day becomes overwhelmingly hot, even in the winter months. Animals and humans alike seek out the cool shade of trees and those staying in certain camps will have the opportunity to take a dip in the camp swimming pool. After a break from the heat, the safari continues in the afternoon, with guests climbing on board the open safari vehicle to enjoy a late afternoon/early evening drive.

While staying in the park, guests are in the best position to spot wildlife, as often some wildlife will come into the camps to nibble on grass or attempt to steal food.

Those who are going to enjoy a self-drive into the park can opt for affordable accommodation which can include camping, huts and bungalows, while there is also the option of guest houses or other styles of accommodation, although these can be a little more expensive.

What to expect from a Nhongo Budget Kruger National Park safari


Our guests can expect to enjoy only the very best budget tour of the Kruger National Park. We have created 4 exciting safari packages, designed to give guests ample time in the park. Our 2 day, 3 day, 4 day and 5 day tours are all affordable and each tour is family friendly, accommodating guests aged 6 years and up.

The 2 Day Budget Kruger National Park Safari

Short on time? This tour is perfect. While many would agree that the more time spent in the park the better, in our experience you can really see it all in just 2 days. Many lucky guests have spotted the Big 5 and all sorts of other creatures when on this budget tour, and while we can’t make guarantees, there is a good chance that you will leave the park with countless happy memories.

Guests will stay at Pretoriuskop, in the Southern Kruger, a region well-known for its immense wildlife populations including Leopard, Lion and Elephant.

The 3 Day Budget Kruger National Park Safari

An extra day in the park is a splendid option for anyone wanting to spend a little more time deep in the wilderness of Africa. With this 3 day tour, guests will explore some of the best routes in the Southern Kruger, while staying at either Pretoriuskop or Skukuza. The areas in which we tour are known for their abundance of wildlife, and are home to the Big 5.

The 4 Day Budget Kruger National Park Safari

Spending 4 days in the Kruger is more than enough time to revive your mind and completely sink into this truly once in a lifetime experience. During these 4 days, guests can enjoy up to 8 or more game drives in the Southern Kruger, an area of the park best known for its wildlife populations which include the Big 5. Guests who choose this package will be staying at either Skukuza, where guests can visit various memorials and museums, or Pretoriuskop, where a wonderful cold rock pool is welcome in the summer months.

The 5 Day Budget Kruger National Park Safari

Maximum time in the park means maximum wildlife sightings and plenty of time to unwind making this 5 day tour an unforgettable trip. During this trip, guests will stay at Pretoriuskop Rest Camp, within the Southern Kruger National Park, a region well-known for offering some of the best game viewing. With a guide at the helm, guests will spend full days touring the park.

Our website has all of the information you need regarding each of the budget Kruger Park safari tours we have available. You can also book your ideal affordable safari South Africa tour package via our website.

Nhongo Safaris offer a whole selection of Budget Safaris making it the perfect break-away wildlife destination. Choose from our 5day / 2 day / 3 day Budget beater & 4 day budget Kruger National Park Safari

The world-renowned Kruger National Park is undoubtedly the most popular wildlife safari spot in the country.

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