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SAN Parks Kruger National Park Airwing

A really nice video of the SAN Parks Kruger National Parks #Helicopters used for #antipoaching purposes. A realy nice fleet of well made helicopters used in day to day operations in the #rhinowar. If you would like to vist the “Rhino Orhponage”, they talk about in the video clip, then please visit our website and go to https://www.nhongosafaris.com/exclusive-5-day-rhino-sanctua… and https://www.nhongosafaris.com/3-day-rhino-quickie-safari, or even if you only want one night added onto any other of our #Krugerpark Packages. #satsa_sa #WeDOTourism #OurJourneysChangeLives #atta_tourism #SATravelTrade  #SATravelPeople #KrugerLowveld...

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Victoria Falls and Chobe

Safaris come in various packages some of which includes luxurious accommodation combined with the experience of untamed wilderness and offer the ultimate lifetime memorable experience for anyone. visit www.nhongosafaris.com or you can read through the itinerary at https://nhongosafaris.com/9-day-kruger-victoria-falls-and-c… for more information....

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Luxury Safari Packages

All Luxury Safari Packages utilize Camps and Lodges in the Southern region of the park. Visit our website for more info www.nhongosafaris.com/wildlifesafaris/luxury-safari-packages#satsa_sa#WeDoTourism#atta_tourism#KrugerLowveld#SATravelPeople #Tourism_Updates blogspot – https://krugernationalparksafaris.blogspot.com/2018/11/new-rhino-calf-arrival-at-care-for-wild.html...

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New Rhino Calf Arrival At Care For Wild

Yesterday was one of those days again, “A new arrival at Care For Wild”, with the help of Jock Safari Lodge Rangers, who managed to find a missing calf, who’s mother was poached a couple of days before. Below is the youngster offloaded from the SANParks helicopter, and the chopper together with its dedicated staff, making their way back to an active war zone....

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Amandas Photo

A nice photo of a leopard taken by Amanda yesterday while on a 5 Day #safari in the #Krugerpark. For more info on our #safaris, please visit our website at https://www.nhongosafaris.com/5-day-african-southern-kruger… for further details....

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South African Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife Safaris in the Kruger Park Kruger offers you a variety of options for panoramic views and close range encounters with the wild. Your visit to the Kruger National Park promises you a wild experience you can never have anywhere else. In fact, Kruger’s delights cannot be exhausted in one vacation trip. You will need to develop a meticulous tour plan to really savor the best that Kruger has to offer. The park extends along the boundaries of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is home to thousands of species of birds and......

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Nhongo Safaris