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18 December 2015 Yesterday we were joined by three more guests and they went on a Sundowner safari while we were on afternoon drive. Apart from elephants close to the car they saw two male lions close by as well as a lovely sunset....

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Safari With Karen

16 December 2015 We left White River with rain behind us and followed the route to the blue sky. Upon arrival at the Kruger NP the sun was shining and there was no sign of rain. We drove to Nkambeni Safari Camp and already encountered our first animals: buffalos were wallowing in the mud, kudus were on the side of the road and a herd of impalas with babies was watching us....

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Safari With Curtis

The first day of a new safari and we were spoiled with two lion sightings. The first a big male relaxing and hiding from the warming sun. Not much action going on except for when he decided to roll over onto his back with all four paws in the air....

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Morning Open Vehicle Game Drive

Summer is definitely here.. not only are the Woodlands kingfishers calling but the real feel temperature was 51°!! My new guests arrived the day before at skukuza airport. We took a short drive to skukuza camp along the way a beautiful nyala bull stood in the road watching us before heading off into the bush....

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Afternoon Open Vehicle Game Drive

12 December 2015 This afternoon we welcomed 2 new guests, arriving in about 40 degrees after a long journey from Germany. We transferred to the Park in our open safari vehicle and shortly after entry encountered a small herd of Kudu, browsing nearby as well as a herd of Impala with a large number of lambs....

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