Close Encounters in the Kruger National Park

You will need to develop a meticulous tour plan to really savor the best that Kruger has to offer. The park extends along the boundaries of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is home to thousands of species of birds and large mammals. Notable among the larger mammals are lions and elephants which roam the wild with undisturbed demeanor.


On Safari With Robbie

11 January 2018

We began in ironically freezing weather which started warming up at about lunch time!! Incredibly we came upon 4 of the super predators Wild dog , Leopard , Spotted Hyena but the sighting of the day came in the form of the tawny cat and the king of the jungle …The Lion!! A pride of 9 were spotted on the Salitje road and there were 2 huge males in this pride which kept on playing with 2 cubs, so cute! There were also 2 females and 3 sub adult females amongst them all! It truly was an absolutely awesome sighting!!! It was generally an awesome day full of fun and great sightings!!!

On Safari With Gert

15 January 2018

We started a new Safari today and entered the Park early in the afternoon. We had a great drive to our camp, considering the very hot conditions. We found a large bull Elephant close to the road, browsing right next to us, as well as a few large breeding herds further along. We were also lucky enough to find 3 Spotted Hyena cubs lying by there den entrance in a shady spot. Further on we found a family group of 6 White Rhino and we had a great view as they walked out of the bush towards us and crossing the road right next to us! Then, amazingly, we also found a Mother Cheetah with a cub of about 6 months old. They were trotting down the road, but very skittish, possibly because it is not a usual place for them, as I was also very surprised to find them in that area and maybe they didn’t feel quite at home. However, a great start to the Safari!

16 January 2018

We left camp early this morning in cool, cloudy and very windy conditions – not id eal for game viewing, as most animals don’t like the wind and tend to shelter inthickets. As a result most of the morning was fairly quiet, although we did find some general game along the way, including large mixed herds of Wildebeest, Zebra and Impala. After breakfast we were lucky enough to find an old male Lion under a bush right next to the road. On closer inspection we could see that he had been in a fight and definitely came off second best, as he was severely wounded on his hips and base of the tail. He decided to get up and we slowly followed as he gingerly made his way down the road and eventually into a thicket where we lost sight – very nice to see the Lion, very sad that it is injured, but it is all part of the natural process! Fortunately later in the day we had the opportunity to see 2 black-maned male Lion in their prime and looking much healthier, although this was a distant sighting and they did what Lions do best, which is being very lazy, but still a great end to the day!

17 January 2018

We left camp early for our morning drive. Our first major sighting of the day was when we found 4 Spotted Hyena in a clearing, prowling back and forth as if they were smelling something of interest and also keeping their eyes on something. We watched them for a while but could not see what they were looking at, only he aring Impala alarm calling quite far away. As we eventually left the sighting, one of the Hy ena jumped up as if alerted by something and we stopped again, just as a p ride of 14 Lions came walking out of the bush and down the road behind us! We quickly turned around and watched the pride as they walked towards us, a beautiful large male in perfect condition, a younger male, a few adult females and some cubs of about 7 months old! Great luck and timing as they all moved into a shady spot about 30 meters off the road for a rest, most of them getting comfortable quite quickly, as they appeared to have eaten recently; perhaps explaining the Hyena’s behavior. It turned out to be a good day for the predators as some distance further on w e found some more Hyena, this time accompanied by scores of Vultures circling overhead. It looked like they had just finished feeding on something that we couldn’t see and were moving away. Shortly before our breakfast stop we found 2 male Lions under a small tree, just as they got up to move into some heavier shade. Incredibly, after breakfast, we found 2 more young, nomadic males right next to the road and they crossed in front of us, slowly moving deeper into the bush until we lost sight, a great morning for Lion sightings!

On Safari With Amanda

18 January 2018

Today I collected 2 weary travellers all the way from Argentina. We are staying at Nkambeni camp so set off on our 4 day adventure. After lunch we chilled until 3pm and then headed off to the numbi area. The temperature as we set off was an impressive 37°! We drove around and found some very cute impala lambs grooming each other, all hiding from the sun in the shade of a marula tree. We sat watching for a while before heading off around the koppies. In the distance we spotted 3 bull elephants eating their way down an embankment. Lots of lilac breasted rollers perched on the branches lining the roads. As we sat in the shade to escape the heat a lovely journey of giraffe crossed the road. Time caught up with us and we headed back to camp for a delicious buffet supper and an early night in preparation for an early start tomorrow

19 January 2018

Today is set to be a scorcher with temperatures up into the late 30’s. After a nice breakfast we headed along the napi road towards skukuza. A massive bull elephant in muthst was walking without deviating from the road towards us at quite a pace! We sat for a while until he got a bit too close for comfort and then had to reverse slowly. He eventually lost interest in us and headed off into the bush. Some beautiful giraffes chewing and then suddenly just stopping to stare at us, quite funny to watch as they chew and just stare continuously at us! A bit further down the road we saw a few cars gathered around a low bridge and as we got closer we saw there lying in the full sun was a young male lion, apparently a female was close by hiding in a drainage hole but we couldn’t see her. Typical of lions he sat and then flopped down for a snooze. A little bit further up we again noticed a few cars and I looked to the left and there relaxing was a male leopard. Always a treat to find leopards as they are very elusive. A quick coffee break at skukuza and then we went to lake panic some lovely African jacanas and grey herons along with a couple of pied kingfishers. On our way back to camp we stopped for an ice cream break, as it was now very hot! A dip in the camp pool was on the cards as we headed back to camp. Another great safari in the park!

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