Dream African Safaris

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Dream African Safaris

When many of us close our eyes and think of our dream holiday destination, a serene Kruger Park safari tour in Africa might come to mind. Kruger National Park Safaris have been the highlight of African holidays for years. People fly from all over the globe to spend a few days and nights in serene surroundings before returning to the daily grind. The Kruger Park was established more than 100 years ago and safari tours within the park remain firm favourite amongst tourists and locals alike. So, whether you are planning an annual family holiday, a boy’s weekend away or intend to pull out all the stops for your new bride or groom-to-be, a Kruger National Park Safari is a great way in which to escape the city and marvel at the beauty that South Africa has to offer.


On Safari With Kara

1 May 2017

This safari I picked up my 4 guests from Dez which was quite exciting because Martti and Rose were returning guests, Louise worked with me a few years back and Michal was on his first visit from Poland so we were a fun group from 5 different countries. Learning from nature and one another. On our first afternoon we came across a big bull elephant in musth. Which always earns respect from us. He strolled towards the car gave a bit of a headshake and left. Later we had a great sighting of a herd Giraffes And ended our day with a great meal cooked by our chef at the lodge.

2 May 2017

Today was by far our best day for sightings and weather wise it showed us how unpredictable nature are. Our first and most special sighting was a Female cheetah with her two sub adults caught and killed a steenbuck right after walking down the road and playing and stalking one another. A bit later we had a nice big pride of lions spread out around us, sleeping and moving around rubbing up against one another for morning greetings. 1 male and 8 females. After breakfast we were sure it couldn’t get any better but still managed to see 2 cheetahs posing on a sign post and running of across a open plain. A beautiful female leopard also gave us quite the show walking along a the riverine and a big male lion warming his full belly in the sun.

3 May 2017

We left the lodge and planned to head to Skukuza for breakfast to see a bit more of the park and new areas. We had a cool morning where all the animals seemed to have been having a sleep in and only starting to move around later where we had a beautiful sighting o f 6 rhinos sleeping and then starting to wake up as the warm air was moving in getting them ready to graze. The last great sighting we had was of a female leopard stalking a small herd of impalas going into stealth mode to move closer to them without being noticed. Just fascinating to see. A mommy Harliquin quail with her 4 babies happily jogged down the road following along and looking for a place to go hide in.

4 May 2017

Our last morning together before I dropped them off in Nelspruit we ha d some really nice rhinos and a massive herd of buffalos grazing nearby. We got to hear some ground hornbills calling and then flying down next to the ro ad. And just before exiting the gate a rare spot of a Big Hippo out of the water trying to cross the road to get back to the river in a bit of panic not use to the vehicles so close. Sad to drop my guests off and say goodbye but was definitely a fun filled few days and hopefully we can do it again soon.

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