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There is no park that prepares tourists for South Africa safaris like Kruger. The Kruger park gets about 1.5 million visitors per year making it South Africa's second most popular tourist attraction after the Cape Town beaches. The safari park is nearly 20,000 square kilometers bordering Mozambique to the east and Zimbabwe to the north, only 440km drive from Johannesburg city center. The park rangers have excellent knowledge of the wilderness and all the animals that live there.

Kruger Park Safaris

Kruger park safari - Our unique packages capture the essence of the Kruger National Park

Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Kara

    12 April 2017 - Today I picked up my 2 Guests from Brazil and my 2 guests from The Netherlands. We set off from Rocky's Drift where I picked them up heading off to Malelane Gate KNP where we had lunch and then started our Safari driving the Croc line from malelane gate to Crocodile bridge gate where we stayed at Nhongo Lodge. The amount of animals we managed to find with the heat was quite a surprise, a lot of animals made their way down to the river for a drink or to cool down taking a dip. We had a big Male Elephant drinking water, splashing some water on him and pulling out the reeds to eat. Suddenly Sjors called stop and he had spotted a White Rhino lying in a mud wallow watching the cars driving past not seeing him at all. Later we had a big herd of Giraffes browsing along the road, little ones sticking close together. Our last cool sighting was a few Lionesses sleeping close to the road in be tween the grasses only standing up for a few seconds giving us a great view of her.

    13 April 2017 - Our first day was a new experience for Yvette and Sjors having to stand up so early but high excitement to see loads of animals. We got to see some Hyenas finally and also a few Cape Buffalo's sleeping in the shade. The highlight for the guests and I was the Mother and Calf Black Rhino that was sleeping in the morning light and after a while standing up giving the calf a chance to suckle from the mom. Not running away and feeling comfortable enough with space between us and them. The other special sighting was a Mother Harlequin Quail with 4 chicks running behind her in the road. Later we watched quite a few Hippos out of the water eating along the sides of the river not daring going to far away from the water incase the sun picked up again . Once we were back from a full day safari we had a lovely Braai together with delicious food, wine and company. There after they had a night drive from Croc gate with a perfect ending to the day.

    14 April 2017 - After a night of rain the whole night through we headed out to go into Kruger just as the rain stopped. Perfect timing We found a clan of Hyenas as we entered the park and also some Ground Hornbills calling while the sun was coming up. a Big family of elephants were spread out on a hill side area coming close to the vehicle grazing and investigating. I dropped them off again after a wonderful breakfast together.

  • On Safari With Gert

    18 April 2017 - This afternoon we started a new Safari with Kimberly and Arline from New York . After checking in at our Hotel, we made our way to the Park for a short Afternoon drive. First up we found a solitary, large male Giraffe in a distant clearing wit h a beautiful backdrop, a great view! A little later we encountered 2 young male Elephant, browsing right next to t he road. They were about the same age, both late teenagers, and were quite excitable, as they often are at that age; also a bit uneasy in each others presence by the looks of it. Driving along the river, we found a large troop of Chacma Baboon on their last forage for the evening before retiring to the trees for the night, a few of the large males having a bit of a scuffle, chasing each other around, the dominant male making a lot of noise to put the rest in their place. The highlight of the afternoon was no doubt when we were lucky enough to find a female Leopard waiting for us in the road! She was slowly making he r way towards us but veered off the road into a drainage line and eventually out of sight i n the dense undergrowth! A great sighting and a brilliant way to end the afternoon!

    19 April 2017 - We left the Hotel early this morning for our game drive, amid cool and cloudy conditions. The first hour or so was fairly quiet, until we were very lucky to f ind a pack of at least 10 African Wild Dog in the road! They were quite busy, scent marking in and along the side of the road, trotting back and forth as if trying to follow a scent trail themselves. They eventually veered off the road along a pathway and disappeared in the tall grass - a great sighting! Not long after, we were treated to a beautiful Giraffe sighting when we encountered a group of 12 of them of various ages, browsing on both sides of the road. They were mostly young males, joined by one adult female and we also had a very large adult male cross the road right in front of our vehicle! As far as Giraffe sightings go, we couldn't ask for a better one, as these animals are usually a crowd favorite and always very nice to see close up! It turned out to be a good day for predators, as shortly before our breakfast stop we had 3 Spotted Hyena cross the road in front of us, but they were on a miss ion and very quickly disappeared in the thicket. We also saw a female Leopard fast asleep on a granite outcrop, guarding the entrance to a den where she has 2 small cubs hiding! Although we didn't get t o see the cubs it's always a bonus to see one of these magnificent creatures; top ping off another great day on Safari!

Kruger Park Safaris

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