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Few educational experiences can match meeting big game in the flesh. Your kids can watch as many educational videos as they like but nothing will compare with the awe and wonder of seeing them in the flesh. Imagine the thrill of hearing the leopard's eerie purr or witnessing firsthand the sight of flocks of gazelle or zebra racing along a vast plain. Such experiences can create enriching memories that will last a lifetime.

Africa is a treasure trove of learning and excitement for the whole family. While safaris with the family are safe, fun and rewarding, they have special needs. This means that family safari holidays need to be specially tailored with special options, itineraries and travel and accommodation arrangements.

Kruger Park Safaris

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Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Gert

    13 December 2017 - We started a new Safari this morning and left camp early in cool and rainy conditions. Thanks to the cool weather, we found some Spotted Hyena early on, outside of a den site where 2 large females were nursing their respective young. We also found one on the prowl a little further on, apparently on a scent trail as it never stopped or looked back at us, just carrying on with its nose close to the ground. Throughout the day we had a good variety of general game and as it cleared and warmed up, we also found various large Elephant bulls, including a few big tuskers. We were also very lucky to find 2 Cheetah close to a large waterhole where they were lying in the shade and quite well hidden, occasionally lifting a head to look at the distant Impala or getting up to reposition, but mostly hidden, as it started warming up significantly. At the same waterhole we had a very nice view of 2 Hippo that got out for a quick graze along the shoreline, affording us a rare look at these huge creatures out of their watery haven during the day!

    14 December 2017 - Today we had a very lucrative afternoon drive, still in cool and rainy conditions. We went out searching for a pack of Wild Dog that had been seen earlier in the day. At first, passing the spot where they were reported from twice, we found no sign of the dogs and started giving up hope. However, when we headed back we found the entire pack of 18 Dogs, including several youngsters, had come out into a clearing and were lying all spread out next to the road! The youngsters were very playful with each other and even though they looked to have eaten recently, they still showed much interest in a nearby Impala herd. Shortly before closing time we found our first lions for the Safari as 3 Lioness came walking out onto the road and we followed them along the road for about a kilometer before it was time to get back to camp. One of the females was in very good condition and looked like she might have cubs. They also appeared to be on the hunt as they kept sniffing the breeze for scents of potential targets in the riverbed that they were walking next to. A great experience to get so close to them as they walked right next to the truck and a brilliant end to the day!

    15 December 2017 - We had a very lucrative day, when shortly after leaving camp for our morning drive, we found a rather skittish female Leopard close to the road. She eventually crossed the road right next to us, providing us with a great view. After that we found a very active clan of Spotted Hyena outside their den site, with 2 very small babies overwhelmed with all the excitement and staying close to mom. In the late afternoon we found a Lioness with 2 small cubs high up on a granite outcrop where they are denning. The cubs were also very playful and with the poor mother having a hard time getting comfortable as her tail made the perfect toy for the cubs, who would not leave her alone!

    16 December 2017 - This morning we went out for a quick drive and were very lucky to have a solitary male Cheetah come walking out onto the road right in front of us. He then proceeded to walk along the side of the road from tree to tree scent marking, providing us with a great sighting and a brilliant way to end the Safari!

Kruger Park Safaris

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