Is South Africa safe to visit for inbound Tourists

The question is always asked by either some family members of tourists wanting to visit South Africa, also it is not uncommon to hear family members standing gasping at some peoples decision to visit South Africa.
Let us put some of your concerns in perspective, from a safari operators point of view, and somebody who has lived in the country for their whole life.

SOUTH AFRICA is not as bad as people and the press make it out to be, we get questions quite often, where clients tell us, that they do not want to stay the night in Johannesburg, due to the high crime rate. Well our answer to that is the following,

Most of the crime is secluded to the lower income areas, due tom the widening gap in the economy between rich and poor, a lot of the crime is also gang related, and the surprising part of it all, it is not any worse that a lot of the cities around the world, where petty crime is the order of the day.

It is a well-known fact, that the crime rate in Johannesburg is not as high as the crime rate in Cape Town, it is the media that has painted this picture to the world, which is in fact “Very Skew”, with very few reporters actually coming to the country to see what is going on in the country for themselves.

Whether you are flying into South Africa, to start a “Wildlife Safari”, and then fly down to “Cape Town” and then onto the “Garden Route” down to “Port Elizabeth. You as the visiting tourist will meet some of the friendliest people, always willing to help, and lots of people that will go out of their way to want to make your visit a memorable time while in South Africa.

I am not by any means telling you that there is no crime, as we as South Africans living in the country, absolutely hate having to live under this vail of crime, as we are not used to this type of lifestyle. and it makes us quite sick, that the powers that be, have allowed the country to spiral into what we South Africans call chaos.

I would like to close with some possible questions together with their answers, that i have been asked over the years, while I was still a tourist guide, just starting out my own business, but before we get there, i would like to give you two facts that have come out of statistics South Africa, which you will not hear every day. South Africa had an influx of international tourists in 2017 of 16 Million Arrivals. in 2018, the number went up to 16,5 Million through our different ports of entry. So, as you can see, South Africa is very much a tourist destination, with a 3000 Km Coast Line, and a Land Mass of around 1.219,912 square kilometers.

I hope I have been able to give you some background on the situation currently in the country, and also some useful information, that will make you want to visit South Africa, and come and see and enjoy many of the great tourist attractions offered in the country.

One must also keep in mind, that South Africa has just been awarded the world’s best “Safari” destination for 2019. So, you can be really assured of a great safari experience.

I have a list of questions, put to me over the years, that may be of help, in making your decision when wanting to visit South Africa.

Is South Africa Safe to visit?

For those who are tourists, the picture is actually far rosier. According to the UK Government travel advisory, the risk of violent crime in South Africa is generally low. … Like anywhere in the world, it’s petty crime, credit card fraud, muggings and theft that you really need to look out for

Is South Africa safe for tourists?

Government Travel Warnings. As of October 2018, the U.S. Department of State has issued a Level 2 travel advisory for South Africa, which recommends that visitors exercise increased caution. In particular, the advisory warns about the prevalence of violent crime, especially in the CBDs of major cities after dark.

Is Johannesburg dangerous for tourists

Johannesburg has a lot of tension between the citizens because of how the poverty and wealth levels are not shared equally. As a result, Johannesburg has a very high crime rate that takes place day and night. There are plenty of safe areas to go, however every tourist should take some precautions to avoid any problems.

How safe is South Africa for tourists?

The country has a high crime rate, with violent crime in certain communities and locations. You are safe if you keep to the beaten tourist path and don‘t venture into high risk areas. Tourist scams from around the world are alive and happening in South Africa.

Is Cape Town dangerous for tourists

As one Cape Town tourist puts it; “Cape Town is safe enough if you take precautions. … The poor communities of the Cape Flats see 95% of the crime while the city centre and suburbs are pretty safe in terms of violent crime.”

Warnings and Dangers in Cape Town: Areas to Avoid. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful and highly visited cities in South Africa, but it’s not immune to thieves and muggings, which are commonplace in some parts of the city.

The V&A Waterfront and Camps Bay are popular with tourists and are safe during the day and during the night too (but always avoid quiet areas / streets as muggers exist all over the world). Central Cape Town at night would not be a good place to walk around alone.

Despite its criminal reputation, Cape Town is still a popular tourist destination. … Some parts of Cape Town’s city centre, as well as the suburbs, are relatively safe; malls, business districts, and tourist areas have a high-security presence.

Is Johannesburg safer than Cape Town?

Johannesburg ‘safer than Cape Town‘ Pretoria – Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth are more dangerous than Johannesburg, according to a new study from a Mexican research group. Cape Town is the 34th most dangerous place in the world and Johannesburg is 50th.

Is Durban Safe for tourists?

However, South Africa does have a reputation as a high crime country, and Durban is no exception. Central Durban is broadly defined as Durban CBDCBD Fringe, Kingsmead, Point and Berea. … Durban is the largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and is located approximately 600km from Johannesburg making it very popular with local and international tourist due to its subtropical climate and excellent beaches.

Zulu (primarily spoken by South African Blacks) is widely spoken in KwaZulu-Natal, but is also spoken by the Indian, White and Coloured population. English is the administrative language and is spoken and understood by the majority people as well. Xhosa and Afrikaans are also commonly spoken languages in KwaZulu-Natal.

OVERALL RISK: Durban is ranked 127th out of 162 of most dangerous cities. However, the safety level depends on the district. So, if you exercise a high degree of caution and avoid the troubled areas, your vacation in sunny Durban might only be spoiled by petty theft at the airport or at the beach.

Where does South Africa rank in the world by GDP?

South Africa ranks 30th in the world by GDP (794.706 million international dollars). The top 10 countries by GDP (PPP) are: World, China, United States, India, Japan, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, United Kingdom, France.

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