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A Kruger Park Safari offers the thrill of a lifetime for nature and wildlife enthusiasts that enjoy to observe, enjoy and photograph wildlife. With so many options available, it is advisable and convenient to use the services of a trusted tourist agency. Nhongo Safaris is a one stop solution to make arrangements to go on a great Kruger Park Safari. Our website offers Safari packages that are unique and promise a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Kara

    17 July 2017  - Tiffany, Christopher, Adeline, Chanelle, Avril & I set off to Crocodile bridge after picking them up from Dez. On our way to Kruger we stopped for lunch and then off to their sunset drive where they were lucky enough to see a pride of lions consisting of females and youngsters ranging in age. Later after the sun had set they saw a spotted Hyena, a Porcupine, a Civet, a Genet and two great Rhino sightings. A few Scrub hares and Owls were seen too during the drive. Our first day ended with a lovely dinner together by a restaurant nearby.

    18 July 2017 -  Today we had a morning drive which started out very misty and cold but as the day went on it got warmer and more beautiful. A slight breeze kept us all fr om over heating. In the morning we found a big herd of Elephants to great excitement from my guests and later on a huge herd of buffalos grazing along the road. A jackal sleeping in a open area was definitely a highlight for us all too ... As we were coming back from our morning drive we were busy looking at a big Elephant bull on our right busy moving away from us heading to a drainage line. And just as we were looking forward again we noticed a elephant that snuck up on us right next to the vehicle appearing from the thickets wanting to us to move s o he can follow his friend... Never had I heard my Singaporeans being so quiet. Such a cool moment rolling the car past him and out of the way. There after he went on his way. The afternoon we had 2 mating lions, they mated twice and then walked past our vehicle and down the road. Then disappeared in the African bush.

    19 July 2017 - Our morning started early once again in hope to find all the animals moving around before the heat kicks in. We did get a look at a Leopard sleeping in a river bed. Blissfully unaware of all the people trying to get a peak at him. While waiting to get to a good spot to look at him, to the left of us was a big dam filled with hippos and crocodiles. A big female got out wanting to warm up in the sun for a while followed by a very small calf. After a few minutes the calf got a big freight from something and went running into the water with big splashes. Too cute for words. We had two Male Giraffes fighting for dominance not one ready to give up until t he other gives up or ends up on the ground. Later another giraffe came to try and break up the fight but with no luck.

    20 July 2017 -  With everything packed and ready to head back we left for our last morning drive together. We did a road along the Crocodile river back towards malelane which we hadn’t done yet and had some giraffes really close to the vehicle while the sun was coming up. Some silly Blue Wildebeest were chasing one another testing their strengths. Another bonus was hearing some ground hornbills calling and then finding a family in a tree and then flying down to start hunting on the ground. Our safaris ended with a good breakfast and some sad goodbyes but a really successful trip in the end.

  • On Safari With Amanda

    24 July 2017 -  Today I collect 4 new guests all the way from America including return guests Iris and George. We set off for Nkambeni camp just at numbi gate and had a delicious lunch before heading out on a short drive. The temperature was a very pleasant 24° with a warm golden winter glow as we're driving the smell of the potato bush hits us, it truly smells like baked potato es hence the name. We drove to shitlave dam and saw some lovely Waterbuck relaxing along with some hippos and zebras cautiously come to drink. On our return to camp we spotted a most beautiful juvenile martial eagle , very impressive. A hot supper around the fire was very welcomed as the temperature had dropped considerably.

    25 July 2017 - After breakfast we headed out in what felt like freezing temperatures, but w as actually 8° ! Zebras along the napi road enjoying the mineral rich soil due to the seasonal burning of the grass were plentiful. Elephants also enjoyed the burnt leaves, a very good source of mineral supplement where there is little to feed on in winter . We watched one elephant playing with a rock in the road as we switched off the engine and slowly followed him, turning the engine on quickly as he turned and gave us a mock charge! Highlight of the day has to be when we were all busy chatting and joking and then suddenly out of nowhere walked a leopard into the road, we watched a s he gracefully walked into the bushes and sat upright under a guarri bush. We sat for at least half an hour just in awe of his presence! Another lovely day as we returned back to camp for another hearty supper a round the fire.

    26 July 2017 -  Our last day together as we packed up and set off for a short drive. We spotted the cutest baby Giraffe with his mother , his mum not interested as she was busy ruminating and watching the horizon. As we sat there a mischief of vervet monkeys entertained us jumping around and im sure watching us to see if we had anything edible in our vehicle, always a joy to watch. We found some very fresh lion tracks and along side them hyena tracks, the hyena obviously following the lion late in the night as he marked his territory, alas no lion at the end of the tracks as they went into the veld. Our last treat was watching a breeding herd of Elephants close to pretoriouskop camp happily feeding. And so another great safari comes to an end.

  • On Safari With Cedric

    23 July 2017 -  On a beautiful morning we decided to go into an area where not many vehicles d o go. we were driving for about an hour or two not seeing to much. Then suddenly on a termite mound we spotted two male cheetahs sitting on top of the mound watching over the plains at the zebra. Not long after, they lost interest and moved down to a water hole for a nice morning drink. My luck it was just ourselves and one other vehicle with the cheetah. Great sighting. Later that afternoon on our way back to the camp, we bumped into this beautiful female leopard that was just sitting on a mound. She was not there for too long before she decided to move away back into a hill that was just behind her. Other than those two amazing cat sightings. The rest of our tour was just amazing filled with various kinds of birds and general game. Winter is still here and the bush is getting once again really dry. So slowly the waterholes are starting to pull in more animals in search of water.

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