Kruger Park Safaris – Where Africa’s Wildlife Never Disappoints

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Kruger Park Safaris – Where Africa’s Wildlife Never Disappoints

A wildlife safari is a key item on the South Africa tourist menu. Those who chose to see Africa’s wildlife here will not be disappointed. The game viewing experience is excellent at the top rated Kruger National Park and it is the most popular game reserve to see big game particularly the “big five” – buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros. Kruger has 3,000 kilometers of a well-maintained road network and game viewing is good all year round.


On Safari With Kara

28 July 2017

Our first day started with loads of excitement from my two guests who were from New Mexico and a rush to get into Kruger as fast as we could to start looking for animals, seeing as we only had a afternoon and morning to see as much as we can. The first animal we found was a herd of Zebras along the road eating from the new green growth that was shooting after the rain and fire we have had and then of course a very lazy Hippo lying in a lake nearby with some Waterbuck eating and relaxing in the shade. A bit later we had three very big male Elephants walking in front of us and crossing the road only a few meters away. Showing us their size and just giving us a sniff or two before destroying the first Seckle bush they could find. Later we had 2 Rhinos sleeping under a big tree very aware of all the sound s around them and enjoying the shade while hiding from the midday heat. A big bonus was a herd of Sable we encountered and so nice in the open. Consisting of a lot of females with young. They usually tend to run away but they we re so relaxed.

29 July 2017

We left Nkambeni after a wonderful breakfast and strong Coffees in hope of not missing a thing. Around a Rocky outcrop we had some Elephants pulling out roots and rubbing against trees getting rid of the itchy parts they cant get to. Very entertaining Later we took a dirt road and the car in front of us stopped all of a sudden and there we spotted a huge male leopard walking in the grass. A very excited Alex behind me struggled to contain himself having finally spotting the very elusive leopard that has managed to dodge him on all his previous safaris. We went around the car and took another turnoff and there the leopard crossed in front of us and made his way down a little game path. Definitely made our last morning so much sweeter. We had a big Troop of baboons on our way our. Playing in the road. Grabbing one another ’ s babies and removing ticks from one another ’ s bodies and making them their breakfast. All in all such a fun safari short but really one to remember. Always awful to say goodbye to people who appreciate from big to small and so eager to learn

On Safari With Amanda

30 July 2017

Today I am collecting 4 new guests, 3 from the USA and one from Scotland. After lunch we headed straight into the park for an afternoon drive. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon as we ambled along the S25. As we got closer to Crocodile bridge there’s a long low level bridge so it ‘s nice to just turn off the engine and enjoy the view. We watched a hammerkop stabbing for fish in the small pool of water and then noticed a movement below, to our excitement it was a male and a female honey badger! You very seldom see one let alone 2, they ran off and I thought we’d lose visual but they stayed for about 10 minutes laying in the sun.. certainly my highlight of the year! Lots of general game along the way including Giraffe’s and zebras and of course impalas. We checked in at our lodge and after supper retired to the sound of the lions roaring!

31 July 2017

Early start for us and it was very chilly! We got into the park and headed off trying to keep as warm as possible. Our first sighting was 3 beautiful rhinos as we watched them I glanced ahead of us and there walking was a lone female lioness! We followed her until we lost visual of her. Lots of general game as got close to lower sabie for coffee. To our left we noticed a handsome male lion sitting all alone, he is part of the jock males so I knew the others couldn’t be far away, as I looked up I saw a buffalo walking across the road…followed by at least 20 running very fast and one actually slipped over…the reason being was a huge male that was chasing them! Amazing! After coffee we headed back to camp, but not before we came across more l ions eating a giraffe. What a day.

1 August 2017

Today as we left was so misty I could literally see 5m in front of me! A s we drove in really not expecting to see anything one of my guests said he could see a male lion…and true there was a male and a female mating. If we looked about 2 0m away from them.. there was the rest of the pride eating another giraffe! !! Driving on the S28 I could see something in a tree but the sun was blinding me, then running a cross the road came 2 cheetahs and the 3rd that was in the tree also came running, straight past us all 3 of them playing in the road before lying down close to us. We watched them for at least half an hour before they went out of sight…with roughly only 300 left in the park it’s always a privilege to see them. My guests were on a night drive where they saw lots of bush babies and some very relaxed lions.

2 August 2017

Our last day today and not a sign anywhere of a leopard! Well we have a few h ours to try our luck. We set off towards malelane side, always a great spot for leopards and we weren’t disappointed. As we drove along the gravel road, we came across a few meters in the grass a carcass of an old giraffe and there busy feeding on it was a huge male leopard. Leopards will eat rotting meat compared to lions who will not. We sat as he eventually, with a full belly went to lay in the shade where he probably stayed as he was so full! What a great way to end a safari with some great guests.

On Safari With Gert

4 August 2017

Yesterday afternoon we started a new Safari with a family from Italy. After check-in the guests enjoyed a Sunset drive from camp. This morning after an early breakfast we left on a Game Drive and about an hour into our drive, we found the leftovers of an Impala carcass hanging in a Marula tree! Although there appeared to be a fair amount left of the carcass, there was no sign of the Leopard that took it up there – however, we did find 2 Spotted Hyena prowling and sniffing around underneath the tree, looking for leftovers, so the Leopard was most likely not around anymore… Throughout the course of the morning we found several large Elephant bulls and had a very good sighting of them feeding next to us and crossing the road! The crowd favorite was probably our Giraffe sighting, when we had ab out 10 of them feeding close by, a mixture of old and youngsters, including a couple of young calves. The day ended on a high note, as we managed to find a female Leopard lounging on a rock about 60 meters from the road. It was an open visual and we had a great view, watching as she stretched and got all playful when a small piece of branch fell out of the tree she was lying under. She picked it up and started tossing it around getting up to chase it and fetch it every time it rolled off the rock! A great end to a very successful day on Safari!

5 August 2017

We left camp this morning after an early breakfast in clear and cold conditions. As the day warmed up, the animal activity also increased and we found our first Rhino of the Safari; a lone White Rhino Bull. He was grazing in the tall grass and slightly obscured, but we managed some good views before he eventually moved out of sight behind a thicket. Later on, driving along the river, we found several breeding herds of Elephant, including some youngsters and small calves – always a crowd favorite! We also managed to find a pride of about 12 Lions in the riverbed, a Large male with a few ad ult females and a large number of young and sub-adults! They were moving around in an open area, looking for spots to get comfortable in the shade and we had a great sighting of them until the majority of the pride disappeared behind some reeds, leaving only the large male visible! Incredibly we also found an Ostrich, in an area where it is quite unusual to see th em, a lone female in this case! The day ended on a high as we also encountered a female Spotted Hyena lying by their den entrance, nursing 2 young cubs of around 2 months old; another great day on Safari!

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