Kruger Park – South Africa’s World Renowned Wildlife Icon

Thrilling Kruger Park Safaris

Kruger Park – South Africa’s World Renowned Wildlife Icon

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Kruger Park – South Africa’s World Renowned Wildlife Icon

The African bush is a place of contrasts. A place where exciting adventures are experienced alongside a deep sense of peace, where the soul can recharge. I would very much recommend a trip to the African bush if you have never been there. It is sometimes difficult to describe a real wildlife encounter in the bush – all one’s senses come alive. This world-renowned Kruger Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa.. Over one million visitors stay in the Kruger National Park and due to the popularity of the park, advance bookings are essential.


On Safari With Gert

1 November 2017

We headed out for a short morning drive before breakfast in unexpected but welcome cool and cloudy weather. Not very long into our drive we found a large male Lion on the move, but could only catch some glimpses of it as it walked off, before finding a comfortable spot to lie down. We then saw at least 2 lioness that joined him. We eventually left the sighting, but a few hundred meters further we were alerted to the fact that they got up and started moving closer, so we turned around to investigate and indeed, the male was walking across a clearing straight towards the road! He was quite full and had blood smeared around his face, as if he had fed recently. He then decided to have a rest at the base of a Marula tree about 10 meters off the road, completely in the open and in full view – a brilliant sighting and great way to start the day! We were in for more luck not much later, when we found a male Leopard sitting on the side of the road! He was very relaxed and crossed the road right next to us, slowly moving along a pathway, stopping off every now and then to mark territory. At one stage he started moving towards us again for a final good view, before moving into a gully and out of sight

2 November 2017

We had another great day on Safari today, despite very hot conditions. Early on, we found our first Hyena of the Safari, as they were quite busy around a den site. One of the adult females walking along the road looked a bit nervous as a Baboon troop with a few youngsters were on the move around the den area, so even though that was a possible opportunity to get some food, she also had to consider the safety of her own cubs, as there were many large male Baboons around, which could be a serious threat! We also had a very good view of a baby Elephant of a couple of months old and it’s mother peacefully browsing next to the road and then crossing right in front of us. The baby was extremely cute and copying the trunk movements of the others, as if trying to browse, but it will be a long while still before it will be able to use the trunk effectively. We also watched a few young male Elephant swimming and playing in the water, with two in particular getting a bit more serious and very noisily started to chase each other along the edge of the waterhole, accompanied by the bubbling trumpeting sounds of one running along with its trunk half submerged. In the late afternoon we came across a lioness, accompanied by a young male and female, feeding on a Buffalo calf about 10 meters off the road! It was a fresh kill and we saw them opening up the carcass and feeding – possibly in too much gory detail for some – but a very special sighting!

On Safari With Amanda

2 November 2017

Today I collected a lovely family of 4 from Australia. Feeling slightly jet lagged but excited to see the park. After arriving at numbi gate we took a slow drive along the dirt roads towards pretoriuoskop camp. We spotted some lovely zebras and a couple of curious Giraffe’s chewing the cud observing us as we watched them! Further down we came across 3 very relaxed buffalos cooling down having a mud bath.. that was until a young bull elephant ruined their peace, chasing them out of the mud wallow so he could have it all to himself. The buffalo watched him as he covered himself in the mud before eventually lying down to relax, at this point the buffalos decided it was ok for them to join him so they all lay relaxing in the mud together! A nice way to start a safari as we checked in and booked my new guests on a night drive hoping to spot some cats, maybe in the dark night of the African bush.

3 November 2017

Today we set off early from pretoriuoskop camp, 5:30, for a full day safari. A cool cloudy morning with a promise of roughly 32° by lunchtime. My guests went on a night drive the previous night and were lucky enough to find a male leopard right outside the camp gate! We headed to skukuza for breakfast and along the way we saw plenty of zebras, giraffes and heavily pregnant impalas. A few nice birds too, a Wahlberg eagle eating a monitor lizard in a tree, white fronted bee eaters, lilac breasted rollers and some cape flossy starlings. After breakfast we set off to lake panic, as we parked up I spotted a shape moving in the bushes towards the water…a leopard. We hoped it would come to the water to drink but he obviously had other plans! Lovely grunting hippos at the hide along with weavers busily building their nests. It was warming up so we decided to head to the swimming pool back at camp. Just before I bumped into a colleague and he told me there was a leopard in a tree somewhere! We all looked and there roughly 400m from the road it lay draped in a marula tree….I have to admit it was a difficult spot and a telescope may have helped! After checking in at camp my guests relaxed by the pool. Another great day in the park.

4 November 2017

Today I collect my new guests from Germany, they’ve already been in South Africa for 2 weeks and this is the last part of their holiday. We are headed to nkambeni camp where after check in we set off on an afternoon drive. The temperature is a pleasant 30°. Lots of elephants and giraffes and we spotted our first baby impala! A slow drive to shitlave dam where we saw some hippos and a crocodile basking in the afternoon sun. With the sun slowly setting we set off back to camp where we enjoyed an early night and a lovely buffet supper.

5 November 2017

Today we packed up and headed off after breakfast for a full days drive. The weather was promising with not a single cloud in the sky! We drove along the napi road slowly, admiring the view of ship mountain, just before the turn off for shitlave dam, sitting on a termite mound was a lone cheetah! She sniffed around on the mound before slowly heading off in a northerly direction Always amazing to see cheetah. Further on we went to transport dam just to chill and enjoy the general game at the water. A dazzle of zebras came to drink giving my guests a great photo opportunity. Heading to skukuza we turned onto the S65 where about 20m from the road draped in a tree was a big male leopard. He was very fidgety and not long climbed down, still great to see. At skukuza for coffee and somebody told me about a leopard lying in the riverbed… and there he was! We sat for over an hour just watching him.. very nice. A nice stop at lake panic before we set off for our hotel. A great day in the park.

6 November 2017

Today we were off to view the panorama route. A great day spent at the rondavel, gods window, bourkes luck potholes and lisbon falls finishing off with pancakes at harrys! A very beautiful day.

7 November 2017

Our last day today as we head in through phabeni gate. A drastic change in weather, rain and cooler temperatures. Driving along albesini road we found some lovely zebras followed by 3 massive male elephants. There was talk of some lions further on but we only found some fresh tracks! Giraffes and impalas were standing by ready to bid us farewell as we left the park. Another great safari and 2 lovely guests.

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