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Mpumalanga means Land of the Rising Sun. The key attraction of this province in South Africa is the largest gathering of South African Safari. Visit the Kruger National Park - one of Africa's greatest assets and treasures.

A variety of Kruger Park Accommodation is available to ensure you maximise your trip when you visit the Kruger Park and get the most out of a South African Safari experience.

Experiencing South African Safari is some thing quite out of the ordinary for many people who are not used to this experience. The Kruger Park is a vast area of land that enables visitors to enjoy wild animals in their natural habitat. It is a great outing for the family as members are tasked with spotting various animals and then ticking them off the list. It als offers a sense of accomplishment and challenge to be able to spot these wild animals. This task can often take a lot of careful concentration and aligning your eyes to be able to focus amongst the dense vegetation in the South African Safari.

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Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Amanda

    17 March 2017 - Today I collected 7 lovely guests, 2 from Spain, 1 from Italy and 4 from the USA. We were staying at Numbi hotel and after lunch we headed off on an afternoon drive. Lots of zebras in this area, accompanied by impalas and wildebeest. We sat at nyamundwa dam watching hippos coming up to watch us, a large crocodile basked in the warm sun and then decided to head off into the water, slowly gliding from one edge to the other side of the dam. We headed back to camp and after a lovely supper we all retired as we had an early start the next morning.

    18 March 2017 - Today we decided to do a morning drive as my guests had a sunset drive from Numbi later in the day. A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we set off along the road towards skukuza. Amazing elephants and giraffes graced us with their elegance and beauty. We spotted a couple of cars ahead of us and we were lucky enough to spot a female leopard walking in the long grass, this female has 3 cubs 200m down the road safely tucked away from other predators in a large koppie, we didn't find them... maybe next time. After coffee we ambled slowly down the 114 and lying in the shade we re 6 wild dogs, incredible. One of the most critically endangered animals in South Africa so an absolute pleasure to see. Back at the lodge my guests relaxed before their night drive on returning they told me they were lucky enough to see 4 rhinos and hyenas as well as an African Wild cat.

    19 March 2017 - Last day for my European guests, still no lions so far! We headed in through Numbi gate and headed up the albesini road as we drove roughly about 6 kms into our drive, walking towards us were 2 male cheetahs! We turned around to follow them and noticed they were in stalking mode, ahead of us were some impala, the one cheetah sprinted towards the impalas but sadly missed the impala, who lived to see another day! Heading back to our camp out of the long grass and walking onto the road towards us was a young male lion, not in the greatest of condition as I suspect he had T.B. If a buffalo is infected with T.B. and the lion eats it, that lion will unfortunately contract the disease. Very sad to see, but another aspect of the park and the challenges facing the apex predator. After saying goodbye to our lovely European guests we headed to nkambeni camp and relaxed. Another beautiful day in the park.

    20 March 2017 - Last day for my amazing American guests. Again we saw the young male lion, we were relieved he'd made it through the night! We did a lovely scenic drive around fayi loop, seeing evidence of elephants that had been sleeping in the bush the previous night, broken branches, Amarula fruits everywhere and lots of dung! As we sat there we watched some dwarf mongoose come and forage through the dung looking for insects, very cute to watch! Klipspringer on manung koppies entertaining us with their daring leaps fro m rock to rock. And so another safari ends in the best place on earth.

  • On Safari With Gert

    18 March 2017 - This afternoon we started a new Safari with 4 guests and after checking in to our accommodation and having lunch, we headed out on a late afternoon drive. We started off well, with the first animals spotted being a female Elephant with her calf. We also saw a bit of action, with a Dark Chanting Goshawk catching a lizard on the side of the road in front of us!

    19 March 2017 - We went out early this morning, hoping for some predator activity and although we found plenty of Lion tracks along the road, did not manage to track down the animals! However, about half an hour into our drive, we were very luck y to encounter 2 Cheetah, close to the road, stalking Impala. They got very close before the Impala spotted them and took off, cover blown for the Cheetahs and although they kept trying to get back into a position they could attack from, the element o f surprise was lost as the Impala now made sure they kept an eye on the approaching danger! A brilliant sighting though, as these rare animals are seldom seen and to actually have them in the road was amazing! Another crowd favorite for the day was when we found our first Giraffe; a large male and female feeding right next to us, a young calf with them about 20 meters in . The female appeared especially relaxed and we watched her browsing only a few meters away - completely undisturbed by our presence - a great sighting to end ou r morning drive!

    20 March 2017 - After an early breakfast, we left camp for our morning drive, amid overcast and windy conditions. The drive started off well, when about 6km out of camp, we found a young m ale Lion lying in the grass about 3m off the road. He was facing us when we arrived, although quite obscured in the tall grass. After a little while he lay down flat in the grass and became very difficult to see and we moved on. It turned out to be a very lucky morning as we also found a Cheetah; on top of a termite mound about 25m from the road. When lying flat, the Cheetah was barely visible, hidden in the short grass on the mound and partly by the mound itself, blending in very well. Although the cool weather might be good for animal activity, they might try and hide from the wind, hence the cats that we were lucky enough to find all appeared to try and find shelter in the grass! The Cheetah how ever, did lift its head every now and then to survey it's surroundings and we managed to see it very well every time it repositioned! After lunch and some siesta time back at camp, we headed out again for a late afternoon drive, incredibly, we found some more Lions, this time 3 young and very healthy looking males, again only about 20m off the road; one of them kept getting up and at some point came walking out into the open, providing some great views and picture opportunities - a brilliant way to end the day!

    21 March 2017 - This morning after loading luggage and an early breakfast, we left camp f or our final morning drive of the Safari. It started off on a high note when, about 30min into the drive, we noticed a few vehicles in front of us, moving along very slowly. The reason for this was because there were 2 Cheetah on the move, one in the road and one just a few meters into the grass! They provided us with a brilliant sighting as they moved along , scent marking as they went, playing in the road an getting on to termite mounds to have a look around. After a while they must have spotted a target, because they moved off the road and out of sight rather quickly! Later on we also found a very large buffalo herd at a waterhole, a few hundred of them approaching the water for a drink and to cool down, some of them getting right in the water and making themselves comfortable, to the dismay of the resident Hippos who were not too happy with getting crowded out of their waterhole! A great morning to finish on a high note!

  • On Safari With Kara

    19 March 2017 - We came in at Malelane gate and Headed towards Crocodile Bridge where we stayed at our Lodge in marloth Park. On our way there we had a brilliant sighting of a Giraffe standing in the road not moving and passing by with him looking into the car standing a meter away. Two male giraffes further down the road were busy Fighting and hitting one another with their Osicones. A stampede of Elephants were grazing along the road with youngsters playing and fighting and showing us how brave and strong they are. Later we saw loads of Zebras and Blue wildebeast before exiting the park.

    20 March 2017 - Our early morning start paid of very quickly and was rewarded with two hyenas on a gravel road following a scent which was driving them completely mad and sooo excited!! The highlight for the day was a Female Leopard with a big fat belly full of a recent meal was lying in a tree sleeping. With her face towards us made it incredible for pictures. We got to finally see a big herd of Buffalos drinking water in a spot with loads of sand and mud to role and dunk themselves in to cool down from the heat. Our day ended with a great Meal at a Restaurant in the Reserve.

    21 March 2017 - This was by far one of the most exciting days I’ve had in a while. Heading out in the dark and coming across a Cheetah lying in the road and running around in hope to see a Impala for breakfast did get everyone wide a wake and looking for animals and so proud of the special animal we had been able to see. It made all squeal with excitement. Later we found a pride of Lions after they had finished drinking water were heading down the road. A few Females with youngsters all very interested in this car approaching. We had a sighting of a beautiful Kingfisher diving into the deep waters and catching fish with such precision.

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