Lion Photos taken early morning

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It is always nice to see photos of wildlife, and especially lions, as it is one of the species of African Wildlife that most visiting guests when asked want to see. These photos were taken by one of our guides Amanda while out on an early morning game drive. It is always great to have guides that have good cameras, that can take good photos, but as good as the photo is, it is at the same moment that one must understand that there is a very fine line between guides taking photos and doing the job of guiding clients.

Guides have to understand, that when coming into the sighting, their full concentration must be on their clients, and not on their personal job of taking or teying to take the best photos. This is deemed to be totally unprofessional, as your guests and their needs always comes first in every way, even if that means that you as the guide loose the shot of the dat, month or year. a guide never sacrifices their clients for self gain in any shape or form.

I in my days of been a guide, witnessed so many times, guides coming into a sighting, and you see the guide taking photos, before the vehicle has even come to a complete stop. and this goes on for ten minutes, before a word is said to the guests on the vehicle, all this time, the interpretation that should be taking place, is totally non existant, thereby leading to complaints, bad atmosphere on the open safari vehicle with the group or even boredom. Not a pleasant place to be.

A professional guide, always thinks of their guests, and puts everything else second. Always keep it clean, and professional with no room for complaints and guests finding fault.

Below are some phots from the same sighting:

Lion 1 Lion 4

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