“Lux Magazine” “Global Excellence Award”

While we are on the subject of “Awards”, we got a shock last week, as we were told that we had won an award from “Lux Magazine”and their “Global Excellence Awards”. Nhongo Safaris was crowned the “Best Traditional Safari Tour Operator – South Africa” for the 2018. We see at the same time, we have been selected under in the same competition, just under a different category which is the “Family and Visitor Attraction Award Category”, where we have been crowned as the “Best Open Safari Vehicle Operator – South Africa”.

We have never been a company that has placed a large enfaces on awards, but as the company gets older, and the industry gets larger, with more players, it is a good thing to be recognised for your contribution towards tourism, and the impact the the company has had on so many visiting tourists lives.

As I posted in the post yesterday, We now truly know that “Our Journeys Do Change Lives”.

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