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Luxurious Kruger Park Safaris

Kruger National Park is the location of over 250 historical and cultural sites. Some of these sites date back to the early Stone Age and are over a million years old.  Kruger National Park accommodation offers luxury lodges, from which an African safari is best appreciated. Nothing can adequately prepare one for the majesty of the bush and the beauty of the vistas. Rangers are experienced field guides and have an excellent knowledge of the bush - better than anyone. Your ranger will track the Big Five (Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, and Lion) during the game drives and in-between the tracking of the Big Five, a variety of other wildlife will be found in the dense bush.


On Safari With Gert

3 October 2017

We started a Safari today with 4 new guests. We entered the Park around noon; normally not the best time of day, however we had some cloudy and drizzly conditions, good for a game drive. We started off well with 5 old Buffalo bulls grazing next to the road, providing us with a good, close up view. Not much further we encountered more Buffalo; a herd numbering several hundred was crossing the road and creating quite the roadblock! We stood watching for about 20 minutes, waiting for them to cross! Luckily, they left us a gap, as by the time we passed, there were still more Buffalo approaching! A crowd favorite was definitely a female Giraffe with her small calf of about 6 weeks old! We had a nice bonus shortly before reaching our lodge, when we found 2 Male Lion sleeping about 50 meters from the road in a clearing. We sat watching for some time, but they proved very lazy and hardly moved at all, but at least it was in the open, so a good view of our first Lions for the Safari! We ended the day with a beautiful sunset overlooking the Crocodile River.

4 October 2017

This morning we left our lodge early to enter the Park accompanied by a spectacular sunrise. We had a beautiful sighting of White Rhino when we encountered a female with a calf of about 3 years old, grazing nearby. They were a bit skittish and to ok a while to settle with our presence, but eventually relaxed and crossed the road right in front of us! Not long after we came across a lone female Spotted Hyena, feeding on what was left of a Warthog head. It seemed like a old Warthog, as the tusks were very large, also with not much meat left on it, but the Hyena made sure that it got all that was left, getting right into it, a very interesting and quality sighting indeed! At the end of the day we were lucky with 2 lazy male Lions about 30 meters off the road, our 3rd Lion sighting of the day! They were very lazy, rolling over a few times, but even though we stayed as late as we could, they still didn't get up for us! However, lazy or not, it was a great end to another brilliant day on Safari!

On Safari With Robbie

1 October 2017

Todays safari with Alfonso and Alicia began in some inclement and erratic weather conditions which didnt seem to perturb them and they enjoyed the sunset safari despite not much been spotted!

2 October 2017

Today we struck some luck early on where after 3 near misses , we were finally successful on the fourth attempt at locating a beautiful male Leopard nicely perched in a fig tree... We were only able to view him for 10 minutes before he dived down to the ground! However in those 10 minutes we saw him stretch , yawn and change position a number of times which was fantastic and undoubtedly the sighting of the day! General game was prolific and we were extremely fortunate to have a breeding herd of Elephant next to us for at least half an hour! The day was crowned right at the end where on Shabeni rocks we picked up a pride of Lions with some small cubs!! The Spanish two were extremely happy and we look forward to tomorrow!!

3 October 2017

Today we had 3 additional guests for the full day safari which began in rather inclement weather which pretty much remained so for the entire day... Todays highlight was without question the mating Lions we picked up on the dry Sands river about 15 km from Skukuza camp! The guests displayed exceptional patience whilst waiting over 45 minutes for the 2 majestic cats to do their " deed " ! The lucky part for us was where we had positioned our safari vehicle somehow became the ultimate viewpoint and everyone got superb photos! Great general game was spotted despite the cold weather and we were fortunate to tick off the big 5 for Alecia and Alfonsa! Tomorrow we head up quite a few hundred meters towards the Blyde river canyon where we hope the clouds may give us a gap for some stunning views!

4 October 2017

Today we went on the panorama tour and the guests were really lucky as the initial cloud cover eased over and spectacular views of Blyde river canyon and Gods window were enjoyed!

5 October 2017

Today, being the final day we took things really slow with the aim to improve on our already great sightings! The highlight today was a combination of a huge Buffalo herd approaching us directly and 2 Elephant bulls digging for roots and bulbous plants! The Buffalo herd initially looked small but turned out to be really big and plenty of great photographs were taken by Alfonso and Alicia! The 2 Elephants literally dug for ages until they got what they were looking for which to us didn’t look too appetizing at all! We said goodbye to the fun two Spaniards and Nhongo Safari wishes them a fantastic time in Cape Town

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