Luxury Wildlife Kruger Park Safaris

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Luxury Wildlife Kruger Park Safaris

Luxury wildlife safaris are one of the ultimate holiday choices for relaxation and unforgettable experiences. Once upon a time a safari was a rough and ready affair of basic lodging and we put up with the discomfort for the rewards of spending time out in the majestic wild landscapes, viewing wild animals in their natural state and reconnecting with the elemental side of ourselves. Today the savvy traveller who looks for both style and comfort can choose from a wide selection of exclusive safari destinations, which provide both authentic encounters with the wild unspoilt landscape and the luxury and pampering that the luxury traveller expects.


On Safari With Gert

18 November 2017

We had another great day on Safari, starting with a sighting of a pack of 11 African Wild Dogs in and near the road. They were trotting along as if on the hunt and sure enough, we didn’t follow them for long before they spotted a target and shot into action. It was amazing to see how every pack member knew exactly what to do, with some running into the bush in pursuit and others heading down the road to set up an ambush further along! We didn’t see the outcome, as we lost sight of them, but we did pass some very nervous-looking Impala a little further on. In one of the rivers there was a Buffalo carcass, which was very recently discovered by the nearby Crocodiles and at some point there were 14 Crocs feeding on it, to the dismay of some nearby Hippo, who decided to come over and investigate, trying to intimidate the Crocs, but it was only temporarily successful.. The day was topped off in the late afternoon, when we found a lone male Cheetah walking along the side of the road, stopping of at various trees and other beacons to scent-mark, offering great views and picture opportunities!

19 November 2017

We started a new Safari and on our late afternoon drive, we got very lucky, finding 2 Leopard in a Marula tree about 40m off the road! It was a male and female combination, with the male sitting up on a branch looking around and the female a little higher up, lazily draped over a branch. She got up eventually and joined him; the 2 of them sitting side by side looking out into the distance at potential prey to target for later.

20 November 2017

In the morning we heard some male Lions fighting and roaring, although out of sight, but we did manage to find 1 male on the move after the commotion settled. He came out into a clearing where we could see him quite well – he was limping, an indication that he probably came off second best. It didn’t appear to be a very serious injury and hopefully he will be able to recover fully. We also got to sit with a large bull Elephant enjoying a very thorough mud-bath to cool down and also to ensure that he is properly covered against the very hot sun. He actually got right down into the mud, rolling onto his sides, before having a good scratch on a conveniently placed nearby rock before heading off – a special sighting and a great day on Safari!

21 November 2017

We set out early this morning, just before sunrise, with the intention of finding some predators and it paid off, as first up, we found an active Spotted Hyena den, with 13 Hyena – ranging from 3 months old to adults busy outside the den. There were some very playful and inquisitive cubs running around, with a few lazy adult females overseeing proceedings and another female lying at their den entrance nursing a young cub. A little further on we found what we were really hoping for – 3 Cheetah on a termite mound surveying their surroundings. They were enjoying the early sunshine and also using the termite mound as a vantage point. At some point a lone Hyena approached and they got a bit restless, but the Hyena paid them little to no attention and carried on straight past them. They eventually got comfortable again and all 3 were lying down on the mound when we left. Not done yet, we also found a very majestic male Lion posing very nicely on a flat granite outcrop about 10m off the road, very lazy and enjoying the early sunshine as it started warming up! Another very successful morning on Safari, the guests looking forward to the Night drive ahead

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      Luxury Wildlife Kruger Park SafarisLuxury Wildlife Kruger Park Safaris

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