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Madikwe Game Reserve is currently South Africa's fifth largest game reserve and is also one of the country's lesser-known parks. The area is considered one of the best conservation areas in Africa because it is a hidden gem.


10 000 mammals were relocated from other National Parks in 1991 after the area was declared a reserve. Approximately 66 species of large mammals live in the park, as well as about 300 species of birds.


Madikwe Game Reserve lies 90 kilometers north of Zeerust. It is situated against the Botswana border close to the Kalahari Desert. 


The reserve borders Botswana and is located in North West Province, South Africa, 90km north of Zeerust, about 3.5 hours' drive from both Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng. It is also just about 40km from Gabarone, the capital of Botswana, offering a welcome addition to your Botswana tour.

Bursting With Wildlife

Madikwe is home to 66 mammal species including the Big Five and more than 300 resident and migrant bird species.

Of all the South African Wildlife safaris offered, Madikwe's is the easiest to reach by road or air from OR Tambo, it is Malaria-Free and offer some African wildlife that is not easily seen at one place.


Accommodation in Madikwe is mainly in luxury private game lodges rated 5 and 4 stars of the highest standard. There is also an opportunity to book into an Eco Lodge for tourists who like to experience nature "in the rough".

Vast Plains

The reserve consists of vast plains of open woodlands and grasslands, dissected by the rugged "Rant van Tweedepoort", and bordered in the south by the Dwarsberg Mountains. The area is dotted with huge rocky hills or inselbergs. The entire reserve has been enclosed in a 150km perimeter fence.


The reserve was announced to the public in August 1991 and officially became part of the Board's estate on 31 October the same year. The reserve was proclaimed after a detailed feasibility study of the area was conducted by independent consultants.


Madikwe functions through a system designed to benefit the three main stakeholders involved in the reserve. These are the North West Parks Board, the private sector and the local communities. All three work together in a mutually beneficial "partnership in conservation."


Madikwe Game Reserve Safari Packages 

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