Nhongo Safaris Safety App

Above is the Nhongo Safaris App, together with the links to download it of both respective app stores.

This is an app that has been developed solely with the International visitor in mind with regards to their safety in mind. When you find yourself in a foreign country, and you suddenly are faced with a tight situation,  such as a medical emergency, or something more severe, such as crime, which can happen in any country around the world today, by pressing one of the buttons during this time will link yourself with a “Call Centre Operator”, who is authorised to despatch response vehicles and ambulances to your location, which they can see from the app on your phone.

Our response times to you the phone user is around two minutes, and after that it is around a five minute wait for backup to arrive, and have first responders on the ground.

We have taken a lot of time and effort to get this app up and running in conjunction with a company by the name of “Response 24”. Nhongo Safaris also has a very unique feature built into their app, where you as the user can insert friends and family members, into the app that will get notifies when you are in a situation, and where family members will be able to follow you as you are taken to safety, There is also a page with locations of numerous places that a tourist might need while on business or vocation in the country.

We have tried to keep the charges very low, for this app, so for thirty days access it cost R49.99 per month, but if the visitor is somebody that is here longer, we have a subscription that is for one year long at a price of R399.99. Still a very reasonable cost for an app that has so much technology built into it.

Link to the Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/NhongoSafarisGoogleStore

Link to the Apple App Store  : http://bit.ly/NhongoSafarisAppleAppStore

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