On Safari With Amanda 14 December 2015

A beautiful cool day today in the park compared to the last couple of days!

My guests returned last night from a very productive night drive seeing not 1 but 2 leopards so incredibly lucky!

After a chilled breakfast we headed to malelane gate for our last drive together.

The animals were enjoying the cool weather, impalas and zebras eating together and then a few meters from them were 5 male buffalo’s eating.. my guests were now happy as they had completed their big 5 wish.

We came across lots of elephants a young male displayed his annoyance at our presence by trumpeting loudly and following us down the road as we drove away!

After coffee we headed for our last part of the drive to skukuza airport.

We observed some lovely granite koppies and noticed the impala were very skittish and alarm calling, although we didn’t see what was bothering them I believe there was a leopard walking past somewhere not too far from them and we sat and watched, their heads following whatever was bothering them until they all ran across the road occasionally looking back and calling..

Further down the road we saw at least 8 wildebeest running across the road also alarm calling but again the cause of their alarm was not seen only our imagination led us to believe it was definitely a predator be it a lion or a leopard their behavior gave away the predators presence! !

A last minute souvenir spree and my guests were safely at the airport..

Another rewarding trip in the best place on earth… Kruger National Park.

blogspot: https://krugernationalparksafaris.blogspot.com/2015/12/on-safari-with-amanda-14-december-2015.html

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