On Safari With Amanda 3 December 2015

What an amazing morning drive…! my lovely guests were reluctantly leaving today, but not before one last drive.

 After a filling breakfast we headed off. A few kms down the road we heard an update of a leopard, possibly two lying relaxing approximately 7kms from nkambeni camp.

As we drove I was hoping to myself that they would still be there as my guests had missed out on the elusive leopard! We arrived and there they were ,my guests were ecstatic, we watched as they wandered around oblivious to our excitement!
We made a decision to leave the sighting as the vehicles We’re building up so we headed to pk to get a coffee. We heard from other guides that there were no other vehicles at the sighting so we decided to try our luck again…we weren’t disappointed. As we drove down we saw one of the leopards lying on the rocks and then there literally 2 meters from the road lay the other one under a marula tree.
There’s no words to describe how amazing it is to spend time with a leopard  ,quality time, normally you are lucky to have a quick visual or 5 mins at a distance but today we were the luckiest people in the world we sat for nearly 2 hours with the most elusive of cats! It was an incredible unforgettable experience and I was lucky to share it with awesome people.
Reluctantly we left the leopard but the memory will stay with us.
 Another fantastic day in the best place on earth.

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