On Safari With Amanda From 21 December 2015

21 December 2015

The festive season is nearly upon us and brings new guests for a 3 day safari.

Arriving to a very hot Kruger my 4 guests got straight onto a sunset drive far in the distance the storm clouds are brewing.. an hour into their drive the most amazing storms claps above us bringing torrential rain..I needed not worry as my guests although when they returned were soaked to the bone enjoyed every single minute of a true African storm!

22 December 2015

Today the storm had cleared the air and the temperature was lovely and cool. We headed out after a quick breakfast and not long after spotted a large herd of buffalo followed by a lovely breeding herd of elephants.

Zebras galore enjoying the new grass as well as impalas and their babies eating as much as they could.

Lots of general game and some nice woodlands kingfishers, black shouldered kite and a tawny eagle.

We were lucky to see a baby hyena suckling it’s mother totally relaxed around us!

After lunch we did a nice short drive along the albesini road and after about 10 kms we spotted about 5 wild dogs relaxing under a tree, occasionally getting up and then just flopping down again.

Our highlight of the day came as we watched the impalas out of nowhere came the cutest baby vervet monkeys and they proceeded to play with the impala, chasing one female and actually jumping up at her as she bowed her head to them! Was incredible to watch the interaction between them.

An eventful couple of days in the African bush!

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