On Safari With Curtis 15 – 16 December 2015

15 December 2015

After the guests enthusiasm at seeing the rhino we were spoilt with four more sightings of the white rhino today. Eight in total really gave everyone something to smile about.

We also had a lovely sighting of ten giraffe together with a few zebra and fifty odd Impala. Two of the giraffe were busy necking, a rather weak play-fighting done in slow motion. This gave the guests more laughs than concern but always fun to watch.

Also seen were elephants, kudu, waterbuck, zebra, wildebeest, klipspringer,  steenbok, common duiker,  dwarf mongoose,  buffalo, Impala, hippo, Vervet monkey and hyena.

Birds included the malachite Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher,  saddle billed stork, dark chanting goshawk,  grey headed hornbill, white breasted cormorants and lilac breasted roller.

16 December 2015

The final morning which was taken up with a leopard search. We responded to two sightings but no luck!!!

Sometimes that’s the way it goes!!!

Our highlight was at mestel dam where we found three bull elephants having a drink. They seemed to be finished as they walked off but then one turned and walked straight into the water submerging himself.

This was the queue for the other two to do the same. Now while the two were busy play fighting each other the larger one made up a game of his own. Namely eight pin hippo bowling!!!

The rules are simple you just walk straight up to eight hippos and walk right through forcing all the hippos to scurry in all directions, then if one hippo is silly enough to pop up to close you smack your trunk down on the water scarring him away.

With hippos shown whose boss he went back to submerging himself with the other two ellies.

Also we had two new species of mammal for the tour in the form of bushbuck and common reedbuck.

blogspot: https://krugernationalparksafaris.blogspot.com/2015/12/on-safari-with-curtis-15-16-december.html

Then it was time to say farewell to Ming and Qhan. Travel safe guys and great to have met you.

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