On Safari With Mark, Gert, Amanda and Shannon (Bridal Party)

8 December 2015

All 3 safari cars lined up to go on safari and show our group wonderful African animals in the bush. This was a unique safari as all of our wonderful guests have one thing in common “the Bride and Groom”. What a pleasure to have all these Canadians on board with us.

It’s off to Skukuza we go. Highlight for the drive towards camp was the herd of buffalo we spotted and stayed with them till they moved across the road right in front of us, a lone elephant bull right on the road eating approximately 3m from the car, white rhino 5m from the car, it had to be a power afternoon and heard many guests asking the respective guides if it was normal to see so much or were we just lucky.

9 December 2015

This morning we were up for an early morning drive before having breakfast.

The highlight for this drive had to be the pack of wild dogs that were spotted on the road. After following them for approximately 20min it was time for breakfast and depart for Satara Camp.

Our highlight had to be the 3 lions lying under an acacia tree just chilling waiting for the heat of the day to break. As temperatures got to 44 Degrees, it was time for the guests to get into a swimming pool in camp and cool down.

The night drive highlights had to be the 2 lions walking down the road eventually moving off into the bush looking as though they had lost the rest of the pride.

10 December 2015

A new morning a new start, an onto Olifants camp for breakfast.

On our drive north, we stopped to watch a herd of elephants approach the road and all of a sudden out popped 2 cheetah onto the road approx 50m ahead of us. Both these males went along their daily activities with scent marking their territories.

Great photos could be taken and on with the drive where the next highlight was the little honey badger that to was busy with his early morning activities. After watching this for a while we stopped of at one of the very few waterholes on route and found 2 black manned lions lying enjoying the cool morning breeze combined with the sunrise only offered by an African sun.

All sightings have been special and the entire group has enjoyed themselves with been able to see so much in literally 2.5 days. We wait in anticipation to see what’s in store for us for the remainder of the tour.

blogspot: https://krugernationalparksafaris.blogspot.com/2015/12/on-safari-with-mark-gert-amanda-and.html

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