On Safari With Robbie 30 November 2015

These 3 couples were now really starting to get into the ” safari groove ” and on last nights night drive they were truly rewarded with incredible sightings of Leopard, Civet Cat, Chameleon, Scops Owl, a Serval cat and many more!!!

Todays early set off at 4-30 am was rather quiet until things changed and we literally got 4 predators in a row as in 1) Spotted Hyena … 2) Lions …3)Cheetah and 4)Caracal !!!
The Cheetah sighting took the mornings best as we had 3 adults interacting with 2 sub adults when suddenly the youngsters got up and sprinted for about 150 meters!!!
Its not often that this cat known for its speed actually displays it!!!
This fact and bearing in mind that the early dawn light was perfect … Allowed for some legendary pics!!!!
 We wish the crew a great time down south and hope to see them on their ” reunion safari ” one day soon!!!!

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