On Safari With Shannon and Amanda 7 December 2015

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On Safari With Shannon and Amanda 7 December 2015

Today was a beautiful day in the park!! Incredibly hot, Mercury hitting over 40°! We set off at 6am from numbi gate, our guests were volunteers at a rhino sanctuary so they were very excited at the prospect of finding rhinos in the park.

As we’ve had luck with leopards lately we decided to head to flat rocks near pretoriuoskop camp, we drove very slowly around the rocks but no sign of the leopards, we weren’t giving up so we decided to do a square root around the rocks just in case, we weren’t disappointed, there not even a meter from the road lay one young leopard joined a few minutes later by another leopard, they were totally unfazed by our presence, from the other side of the road we heard the mother calling them, a rasping saw like call, they responded immediately and ran to her and there we lost sight of them, still an amazing experience! We went and grabbed a quick cool drink and then headed towards skukuza.

Fantastic rhino sightings along with an elephant who came very close to the vehicle our guests exhilarated by his closeness and enormous size.

later down the road a huge herd of buffalo crossed the road, at least 100!

lovely woodlands kingfisher, bee eaters, forked tailed drongos along with two dark chanting goshawk on a termite mound seemingly picking off termites.

The temperature was quickly rising and we headed along watergat road and there possibly 10 meters from the road lay a beautiful male lion! I chatted to another guide who told me he’s roughly 10 years old and has been busy catching impala lambs as a snack! He sat very majestically under a guarri bush.

We got to the end of the road and turned right as there were a few cars…and there lying in a marula tree was another leopard! ! Cooling off it seemed. We sat for a while and saw a few more cars and there in a donga lay a pack of wild dogs, also trying to keep cool.

The Kruger showed us it’s best today along with a large amount of zebras and of course the most adorable baby impalas.

Come to the park with low expectations, enjoy the scenery and maybe the park will show you everything you wish to see!

Another fun filled, hot and rewarding day in the Kruger.

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