Open Vehicle Game Drives in Kruger Park

There is no doubt that to get the most out of your safari your guide’s local knowledge is crucial. On a luxury Kruger Park Safari this means that you will have the opportunity to ask questions about all aspects of the park and of course about the animals and their habitats as you travel around. Safari guides experienced in the Kruger National Park can give you a real insight into life there, as well as expert identification of anything you might see. Your guide will very often have their own tried and tested ways of getting you to where the action is just as it happens! Your own Kruger Park safari tour will also give you the freedom to stop whenever you wish to with your guide always there to explain and explore with you.

Our safari guides are the elite and have worked for many years in the Kruger National Park. Their unfaltering friendly enthusiasm to share the Kruger Park with you will bowl you over and is likely to be one of the many highlights of your African holiday. This is about having a vacation of a lifetime in the great African wilderness and making your trip not just a holiday but the best experience you have had in your life.

Kruger park open vehicle safaris

Kruger park open vehicle safaris - At Nhongo Safaris® we offer all day open vehicle day drives and open vehicle safaris in the Kruger National Park on a daily basis.

Client Adventures
  • Gert's Wildlife Diary

    15 November 2016  - Today we did a day safari with a family from the Netherlands. We entered the park at 06:00 amid cool and drizzly conditions; maybe not the most pleasant conditions to drive around in, but desperately needed rain, which we are extremely grateful for - a complete transformation of the bush already apparent after a few days of decent rain! Our morning started off well when we encountered a large herd of Buffalo. As we were about to leave the sighting, we noticed the other half of the herd - on the opposite side of the road - all running towards the road. We soon noticed the reason for the sudden panic; two lioness were chasing them and also not about to give up, as they actually had a few attempts, chasing the herd back and forth and at some point one of them made it as far as onto one of the Buffaloes' back, but no success and we eventually lost sight of them behind a ridge, not sure what the eventual outcome was, but some great action to start the day! Further on we found a female Spotted Hyena with 2 cubs of about 5 months old, all huddled up outside their den entrance; trying to keep warm with the cubs suckling while they were all drifting in and out of sleep, occasionally opening an eye or lifting a head to take a peek. Throughout the course of the day we also found some nice herds of Elephant as well as a few big tuskers and shortly before drop-off found 2 big groups of Giraffe, about 12 each, mostly consisting of females and youngsters of varying ages, a good way to end the day!

    16 November 2016  -  Today we did a day Safari with a Dutch group. Our first highlight of the day was when we stopped at a small waterhole next to the road. There was an old Hippo carcass close to the waterhole; it has been there for a while with nothing feeding on it, but this morning 5 Spotted Hyena were feeding on it! They were cackling excitedly and as we had to park directly downwind from the carcass to get the best view, we could also smell it quite clearly - not very pleasant, but all part of the experience! One of the Hyena went to drink at the waterhole and another was rather inquisitive, approaching us to get a better look, in turn providing us with a good view as well. Later, at another waterhole, we watched as 2 very large bull Elephant slowly approached and drank at the waterhole a few meters from the road. Shortly before exiting the park, we found a small herd of Eland, the largest of all Antelope and a very rare sighting in Kruger Park! We saw a large male with a few females and calves, although I am not sure how many in total, as they were slightly obscured behind the Mopane shrubs, but a very special sighting to end the day!

    19 November 2016 - We started a new Safari with father and son, Michael and Florian from Germany. They did a Sundowner drive from camp and were extremely lucky to find 3 Cheetah walking in the road and also marking territory! 20 November 2016 This morning, after an early breakfast we headed out on a morning drive during which we found 3 lioness feeding on a young Buffalo which they had killed earlier in the morning! They were about 30 meters from the road and we had a fairly good view of them taking turns to feed. By the looks of it they had been feeding for a while, as there was not a great deal left of the carcass and vultures were starting to congregate in the trees surrounding the kill. We were then joined for the afternoon by 4 more guests and after checking them in and having lunch, we went out again for an afternoon drive. We had a very rare sighting of a solitary Eland antelope and he was also not used to being seen as he ran as soon as he saw us and didn't stop until he put a lot of distance between us! Towards the end of the day we had a very nice sighting of Spotted Hyena at a den-site, where a large female was keeping an eye on her 2 very playful and inquisitive cubs. Another Hyena, most likely male, which approached from across the road, sent the cubs running into the den, before an elaborate greeting process between him and the female took place, after which she appeared to accept his presence; always good to see some interaction between these amazing creatures and a great sighting to end the day.

  • Robbie's Wildlife Diary

    19 November 2016 - A new safari out of Numbi hotel began with an amazing sighting of a large Lion pride that took down a Waterbuck 19 k north of Skukuza! The younger Lions of this pride getting stuck into the meal and their extreme vocalization was something special! To top it all the older male decided it was not only about the meal but also time to mate as well which none of the others took notice of! The classic sighting of the day however was on the sundowner drive where 3 beautiful male Cheetahs were spotted playing and climbing trees for ages! Not often seen, these rare athletic Cats performed non-stop enabling them to claim the best sighting of an epic day!

    20 November 2016 - Today it was just myself and Andy on safari! The Park was nice and quiet as far as visitors were concerned so we had plenty of space at sightings! The big 5 was seen and the highlight was a Leopard that we picked up late in the afternoon! With this being the animal we needed the most we were ecstatic as suddenly it appeared from nowhere although far but a great sighting none the less! It was a magnificent day yet again in the Park!

    21 November 2016  - Today we set out from Phabeni gate and surprisingly enough our first sighting was 2 male Lions that had decided to lie close to the road in the shade near Nyamundwa dam! The elderly male was very skittish and often let out a roar at us! About 5 minutes later they moved off into more shade and fell fast asleep! We were also lucky to see W.Rhino and Buffalo very close to the road on two occasions! For Jens and Monique we were desperately seeking Leopard and were lucky to get one! Many Waterbuck were also seen which was great as we hadn’t seen this species yet!

  • Amanda's Wildlife Diary

    16 November 2016 - Today I collect my new guests for a 5 day safari, Pablio and his brother Adriano. We set off to nkambeni camp, roughly 45 minutes drive. After lunch and checking in my guests were on a sunset drive where they enjoyed an Amarula along with zebras,buffalos and impalas before heading back to camp for a lovely buffet supper. 17 November 2016 Today we decided to maximize our day and do a full day safari. The weather was cool as we set off in the hope of finding lions! We came across our first baby impala lambs as we left camp,adorable. Further down elephants and giraffes and a dazzle of zebras. An update of lions came in on eloff road, so after coffee we set off. They were apparently lying under the shade of a magic guarri bush,as it was becoming quite hot! We drove and drove all eyes peeled but nothing! We were wondering whether they'd moved off when we saw a head move in the distance and there lay our lions! Two young males! As lions do,they flopped back down had a look around and then lay flat..probably where they will stay for the whole day. We headed across high level bridge admiring the goliath heron,the largest in the world and then decided to head for lunch. As we got to the end of the bridge we saw a few cars and could hear impalas alarm calling,suddenly there was a mad rush of impalas and running after them was a lioness! She was unsuccessful but proceeded to come 2 meters from the vehicle before walking off back to the river bed. A great sighting for my guests. After lunch we headed back to camp as it was warming up. Another great day in the park.

    18 November 2016 - Today we were leaving for another camp,skukuza. Lots of general game along the way and hearing the Woodlands kingfisher singing away indicated summer is here. We checked in at skukuza and my guests decided to do a night drive from 8pm until 10pm, the elusive leopard was still evading the saying goes "it sees before it is seen". After a lovely supper I put my lovely guests on the night drive in the hope they'd find a leopard!

    19 November 2016 -  After discovering my guests found a leopard and lions on their drive last night we set off...early...04:30. Very early but a bit of freedom as there would be hardly any cars around! After watching a lovely sunrise we set off north to mantimahle seeing elephants and listening to birds announcing their presence. They say the early bird catches the worm and we did indeed. Driving along the river we stopped to listen to the sounds of nature,Pablio with his newly purchased binoculars scanned the river bank and then said "is that a leopard there?" We all watched the bank and sure enough there was a leopard walking and just as quickly as it was seen it disappeared. We'll done Pablio! Lovely kudus and dwarf mongoose on our travels and then out of nowhere on our left we saw a huge male lion eating what looked like a wildebeest. We watched and then to our amazement from the other side of the road calling came 2 females and 11 cubs! That was a real WOW moment for us we say "expect the unexpected". We sat for well over an hour as the male refused to share his food,then close by came a large bull elephant, all the lions quickly scattered around but once the elephant had gone the male continued feeding,eventually letting all others share what was left! Probably my best lion sighting and fantastic for my guests! Back for breakfast then moving on to our new hotel Numbi. We did a relaxing drive along river road, lots of general game but my guests were happily enjoying the view and peace. All checked in and early night for our last drive tomorrow.

    20 November 2016 -  Our last safari as we enter phabeni gate. We drive along Doispan road and got an update of lions eating a dead hippo so we head off as the sun is starting to burst through. We found the same 2 male lions eating the hippo. Very sad to see, due to the drought a lot of hippos are succumbing due to starvation, a stark reality of the impact of our worst drought in over 100 years. Moving off we grabbed a quick coffee and headed towards numbi gate. Lovely Elephants, can never get enough of the magnificent elephants. A few cars ahead indicated there was something to our left, turning out to be lions feeding on a young buffalo. A difficult visual but still interesting to watch. A km away from the lions was a fantastic sighting, running skittishly across the road was an eland bull. I have never seen an eland in this area as you generally see them around the mopani area of the park. I found out that they were introduced 20 years ago and regular sightings around the ship mountain area are noted. So after a fantastic 5 days I bid my farewells to my lovely guests.

Kruger park open vehicle safaris

Kruger park open vehicle safaris
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