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Open Vehicle Kruger Park Safaris

On a typical Kruger Park Safari, you'll awake before dawn and set off at sunrise to explore the wilderness with one of the Parks most highly experienced guides. As they lead you quietly through a pristine landscape of riverine woodland, mixed bushveld and open savannah at a relaxed pace, not only will you get to view Africa's wildlife and landscapes but you'll also get to experience it up-close and personal from an open safari vehicle.


On Safari With Gert

30 October 2017

We started a new Safari today and entered the Park around midday, in quite hot and sunny conditions. It turned out well for us, as we found a large herd of Elephant at a waterhole. The majority had a drink and moved off, but some young males were enjoying the water way too much and had a good swim and a bath, while a large, old male stood overlooking the scene. After having left the water, one of the young male s spotted a Crocodile in the water and ran back in, while trumpeting loudly and hitting the water with his trunk, trying to chase off the Croc, which bravely surfaced again after the Elephants had all left. We found many more Elephant along the way as well as 2 large herds of Buffalo. We also found a group of 3 large, old Buffalo bulls right next to the road grazing on the emerging fresh green grass. Considering the weather, we were quite lucky to have 2 separate Spotted Hyena sightings, firstly 2 adult females lying on the cool sand in the shade in a small riverbed - very relaxed, while a little further on at a den, we found 6 cubs of various ages outside the den entrance, a few of them running into hiding as we approached, but 3 of the older cubs staying out and providing us with a good view before moving off. A great first afternoon on Safari!

31 October 2017

We left camp early this morning, hoping for some predator action before the heat set in, as it was gearing up to be another hot day! Our luck was in as we found 3 large male Lion and 1 Lioness! Only an hour into our drive and they were already looking for the shady spots to get comfortable for the day. We managed some good views of the males, lying with their heads up, looking around and one of them presented some very good picture opportunities when he got up and stretched before walking a little further in - a great start to the day! A bit further on, still before our breakfast stop, we spotted 2 male Cheetah on the move a few meters off the road! They appeared to be on the hunt, as they went from termite mound to termite mound in order to get a better view of their surroundings and find potential targets. We followed them until they eventually moved a bit further in and we lost sight.. As if that wasn't enough luck for one day, we also found a Black Rhino; a very rare sighting for Kruger Park, walking along the road next to a riverbed. At first it appeared to be looking for a spot to cross the road, but as it was quite a busy road, it eventually decided to veer back towards the cover the riverine thicket and out ofsight. A very special sighting and another very successful day on Safari!

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