Planning A Great Vacation in the Kruger Park

Kruger National Park is a park in Africa that is one of the largest parks in the world. It is located in the North-East part of South Africa in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. It is great for camping, hiking, gaming, safaris,and other things.

The weather in Kruger National Park is subtropical. The summer months are hot and sunny. It rains a little during the spring and summer months and many people think the best season to visit is during the winter months because the weather is more mild. No matter what season you visit during you can be sure to have a great time in Kruger National Park enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Open Game Vehicle Safari

Incomparable Open Game Vehicle Safari Experience in Kruger Park

Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Amanda

    11 March 201 7 - Today I collected Mother and daughter, Francis and sem from the UK. We were staying at the lovely River Cottages on the Crocodile River in Malelane. After a freshen up and a bit of lunch we headed in for a short drive where we saw some beautiful Elephants with their young ones, one was less than a yea r old strutting his stuff with the bigger Elephants, very comical to watch. Giraffe's and zebras browsing and grazing as the sun was quickly setting a s we headed back to the lodge where we had a delicious supper before settling down for the night.

    12 March 2017 - Breakfast packs at the ready as we headed off early to the gate for another adventure into the Kruger. Temperatures expected to reach a high of 36° so we took a slow drive up to afsaal, a change is in the air as the mornings are getting a little bit chilly, a sign that Autumn will be with us soon! Again some lovely Elephants and giraffe, bataluer eagles flying high and an adorable chameleon cautiously crossing the road. Impalas grazing happily as we headed back for lunch at Hamiltons restaurant. My guests were on a sunset drive so they freshened up and enjoyed the night sounds of the African bush.

    13 March 2017 - Our last day together on this short safari! As we headed off into the park expectations were high for cats, the sun was warming up quickly when a report came in of lions...far away but en route to the airport, we just hoped that the sun wouldn't make them seek shelter under the bushes. Before we arrived we stopped and watched the cutest baby elephant crying for its mothers milk, didn't stop until it had been granted it's wish! When we arrived at the lions they were doing what lions do best, lazing around and looking very comfortable. We sat for an hour as they rolled on their back s and eventually smuggled close together. A fantastic way to end a safari. My guests left the park from Skukuza airport happy with their eventual sighting of the apex predator.

  • On Safari With Gert

    8 March 2017 - This afternoon we started a new Safari, with a family of 4 from the US and a couple from Brazil. As we started during the heat of the day, most animals we saw were hiding in the shady spots and not very active. A couple of hours into our drive, on route to a waterhole, we found 2 male Lion, in the shade of a small tree, about 40 meters off the road. It was very good timing as, shortly after spotting them, they started moving around and got up, walking into a clearing before finding a new shady spot in the long grass to get comfortable! A little further on, we found what is becoming a very rare sight in recent times, 2 White Rhino, a female with a calf of about 3 years old, grazing in a thicket. We decided to give them a bit of time and they eventually moved into the open and crossed the road in front of us, providing us with a great sighting! Later on, shortly before reaching camp, we had some more luck when we h ad a quick sighting of 2 Honey Badgers bustling along across a rocky clearing be fore disappearing into the long grass, a very quick but very rare sighting and a good way to end the first afternoon on Safari!

    9 March 2017 -  We left camp early this morning under a red sky, lit up by a spectacular sunrise! Not far out of camp we encountered a clan of Spotted Hyena lying in the road outside their den. They were 8 cubs of varying ages between 4 and 6 months old, as well as 2 adult females. Most of the cubs were huddled up in the middle of the road, but very inquisitive and two of them came right up to us, sniffing around the vehicle and to get a better look at us! A very nice experience to be so close to the extremely cute youngsters; hard but very important to remember that one bite from these creatures can do serious damage and crush any bone! Shortly after we were thoroughly entertained by the early morning antics of a large troop of Chacma Baboon - very playful youngsters chasing each other through the trees and the adults lazily grooming in the road. Shortly afterwards, we received word that a Leopard had been seen a little way further, lying in a tree. When we reached that spot, there were a few other cars around, but no sign of the Leopard - it had apparently got out of the tree and disappeared in the undergrowth... We decided to wait around for the cars to move off, which eventually happened, but still no sign of the Leopard.. We slowly carried on and about 900m further, in a drainage line, the Leopard came walking out of the grass onto a large flat rock, providing us with a great view in the open as it s lowly walked down the rocks and heading back into the reeds along the water course , accompanied by the frantic alarm calls of the Vervet Monkeys overlooking the scene from the nearby treetops! A quick but very good sighting and definitely the highlight of the day!

    10 March 2017 -  This morning we loaded luggage and after an early breakfast headed out on our final game drive of the Safari amid cold, overcast and windy conditions, not ideal game viewing weather. However, we were very lucky early on to find a large male Leopard in a tree, about 40 meters off the road! He was quite relaxed and facing our direction when we arrived, lounging on the bottom branch of a Marula tree. After a while he go t up and turned around, facing the opposite direction, but still providing us with a gr eat view, as he was looking around, down the valley, presumably trying to spot potential prey. After a while he got up and stretched, slowly getting out of the tree and disappearing in the tall grass - a great way to start the day! A bit further on we found our first Giraffe of the Safari, an adult female with a young male and a young female; very inquisitive as we were downwind from them, keeping a keen eye on us. Not much further we were very lucky again to find a pack of 5 African Wild Dog on the move in the tall grass. They were moving towards us and eventually came out of the grass and crossed the road in front of us, heading purposefully int o the bush on the other side, either looking for better shelter against the cold or maybe planning a hunt. We lost sight of them in a thicket and it was time to move on, great to end our Safari on a high note!

Kruger park open vehicle safaris

Kruger park open vehicle safaris
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