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What are the 5 most popular activities to do in the Kruger National Park ??

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

We all go to the Kruger National Park to enjoy the sights and sounds of the African wild, be it on an open vehicle or walking through the African bush or simply just enjoying a captivating game of golf. The Kruger National Park has a little something for everyone so let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices:

Kruger Park Activities

#1 Morning, afternoon, or full day game drives:

The most popular activity that the majority of visitors enjoy doing, is simply taking a slow drive around the Park and seeing what you can find. Taking a relaxing drive through the Kruger National Park and sitting back on an open safari vehicle with the wind against your face and nothing hampering your view, is certainly an unforgettable experience, especially when viewing a pride of lions or a herd of elephants a few meters from the vehicle. Visitors can book a morning, afternoon or full day game drive with a safari operator, where you will travel throughout the park on one of these vehicles, with a professional, passionate and knowledgeable guide who will answer any questions and share all their knowledge with you. This certainly gives you a chance to relax and focus on your surroundings rather than on the road ahead.

#2 Night Drive:

Night drives are very popular in the Kruger National Park as this gives guests a chance to experience the African wild after dark. There are many weird and interesting critters that only come out once the sun has gone down and a night drive is the best way to find them. Night drives are conducted by the Kruger Park guides themselves and can be booked at your camp or through your safari operator. This is a time where the wild really comes to life. You will quickly notice different sounds that you wouldn’t hear during the day. The nighttime within the Kruger National Park is different than anywhere else in the world. Night drives depart at either 19:30 or 20:00 depending on the time of year and last for around two hours. Certainly an activity worth looking at.

Guided Walks Kruger Safaris

#3 Guided Walks:

For visitors who want to be more active and view our beautiful wildlife without the confines of a safe vehicle, guided walks is certainly an option to consider. Most of Kruger's camps provide guests with the opportunity to take part in daily early morning and afternoon guided walks. Up to eight guests are taken out of the camp's boundaries to explore the surrounding wilderness areas adjacent to the camp.

These interesting spots make for exciting time-fillers, as experienced (and armed) guides share their knowledge of the fauna and flora to explain natural wonders as they accompany you on the walk. The walks are relaxed and don't take longer than a few hours, so no over exhaustion will take place. By being out on foot you cover an area more intensely and you are able to experience nature using all of your senses. Unfortunately, children under 12 years old would not be allowed to participate due to safety.

We do recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and clothing that blends into the natural environment. You can come across anything in the wild so taking a camera and some binoculars is also recommended.

#4 backpacking Trails:

For those who have a passion for spending their days in the wild, hiking through the wilderness and camping under the stars while surrounded by wildlife, this may be something to look at. Spanning over 4 days and 3 nights, you can enjoy a wild excursion on foot through the Kruger National Park where you’d hike during the day and camp under the stars at night. There are 3 trails within the park, them being Mopani’s Lonely Bull Trail, Olifants Trail and Mphongolo Trail, starting at Shingwedzi camp. The activities are conducted by experienced trail rangers and they will accompany you on this unique adventure.

You will be hiking during the day and resting at night with a siesta in the afternoons where you can take time to enjoy your natural surroundings and recuperate. Safety is of utmost importance so all participants need to bring their own tents to sleep in at night, preferably something easy to set up. Depending on the trail you use, there are specified areas or camp spots where you can setup camp otherwise it will be up to your trail leader.

#5 Golf

For the ladies and gentlemen who enjoy a relaxing and quiet game of golf, this one is for you. The Skukuza Golf Course is situated on the outskirts of Skukuza Rest Camp. The rich wildlife sanctuary surrounding the golf course is home to the Big Five, a huge variety of birds and countless animals, which all conspire to provide the visitor with a harmonious close-tonature golfing experience.

Since the course is not fenced-in, uninvited spectators are a common sight, hippo, impala, warthog and baboons to mention but a few. The Skukuza Golf Course has no bunkers, although 'aerial bunkers' abound because of the many trees found on the course.

Motorised Golf Carts and Pull Carts are available for hire and there is a bar facility available for refreshments. The Skukuza Golf Course is designed for all levels of golfers. Please bring along your golf clubs next time you visit the Kruger National Park and enjoy one of the most unique 9-hole golf courses in the world.

I hope this article has been insightful and has inspired the desire in you to visit our African wilderness and enjoy nature through so many wonderful adventures and activities.

Skukuza Golf Course Kruger Park Safaris

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