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Doing An African Safari with Kids.

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The African safari is an experience that your child won’t appreciate until they are older but because there have been cases of children being eaten by hungry wildlife, is this an irresponsible and pointless decision to take a family to a safari? Surely first you would need to find a bargain first.

You may have heard that taking your children on an African safari is not a good idea. However, I would beg to differ.

If you're looking to take your kids on an African Safari, read this article. In it, we debunk all the myths and share the truth about doing so.

You Cant Take Kids on an African Safari:

Is it possible to do an African Safari with kids? Yes, but you will want to be aware of the age restrictions. Most organized game drives have a minimum age of 6, and the National Parks in Africa may also have an age restriction for entry.

If you want kids to see the wildlife in Africa, self-driving is the best option. When they need a wee, you can drive to designated rest areas or get creative with travel potties or bottles in your vehicle. Even though there’s no guide during the journey, we found out that we did just fine on our own when looking for wildlife.

Check out our tips for doing a safari with kids:

For those who are looking for a more African adventure, you can pay to do a private game drive at National Parks. If you do find an African Safari adventure with kids, the experience will be amazing.

Doing an African safari as a family is expensive:

You can visit the Serengeti with kids, but at a cost. East African parks have an

extortionate fee and it's not worth to add them if you already have trip from another

country. Markets in Namibia and South Africa are better for families with children,

because of the lower prices, Namibia, is good because day entry for foreign adults is