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Fastjet increases services to Vic Falls Zimbabwe

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

fastjet increased its service from Victoria Falls to

Johannesburg to twice daily on June 8, demonstrating further commitment to servicing an area frequented by international

tourists wanting to experience the location’s various offerings.

“By July, we will be operating 60 movements per week through Victoria Falls International Airport, meaning fastjet Zimbabwe offers more connectivity to and from Victoria Falls than any other airline,” said Donahue Cortes, COO of fastjet.

The airline has also confirmed that flights between Victoria Falls and Maun, Botswana, will start operating on June 30.

“Victoria Falls is one of the top destinations in Africa and, as a major tourist attraction, is a key hub for fastjet Zimbabwe. As international tourism continues its recovery, we have seen a positive increment in the first quarter

of 2022, with a much better performance compared with the weak start of 2021,” Cortes added.

Fastjet, by engaging with trade partners in the Victoria Falls region and further afield,

continues to see that the desire to travel to the region is energized, according to Cortes. “Victoria Falls has always been a very strong tourism location and, as the industry recovers from the effects of the last few years, the need for greater access has returned.”

All international source markets to Victoria Falls were bouncing back, Cortes noted, with the exception of the Far East, which was still lagging behind as it emerged more slowly from the pandemic restrictions.

Aviation upscaling is not an instant feat

Many challenges to growth in the tourism industry of the Victoria Falls region are problems faced by several tourist hotspots worldwide. These include the recent global unrest following the invasion of Ukraine, which made many would-be travelers hesitant to embark on any trip.

The recent spike in oil prices and rising inflation are impacting costs, which adds extra pressure on businesses and consumer purchasing powers.

“To upscale in aviation is not an instant result. Aircraft need to be acquired, maintained, and registered, and crews need employing and training. And this takes time,” Cortes pointed out. “Fastjet is now significantly bigger than we were pre-COVID, and this expansion takes time and effective management to ensure we uphold our values and promises to customers.”

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Fastjet’s goals amidst this upscaling include continuing to be a brand all about choice, flexibility, and value. Cortes explains: “We display this in our network, fare structures, and added-value products that are included with all fares. Federal Airlines, part

of the fastjet family, offers a more unique and specialized service, providing exclusive and specialized services to customers through its lodge shuttle flight and charter services. Collectively, both brands provide a portfolio of travel opportunities that at a group level extend connectivity and accessibility to travelers visiting the region.”

Info From Travel updates and Molly Jackson


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