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Health Benefits When on Safari

While it might sound too simple to be true, a nature safari can trigger a host of health benefits. A substantial portion of our waking day is spent either indoors, in traffic, or in front of a computer screen.

In recent years, a vast majority have embraced being cooped up indoors as the unwavering price they must pay in the pursuit for a better life. That pursuit of greener pastures has also seen most people confined to the concrete jungles of cities, with little to no green spaces, and loads of pollution.

Walking Safari

During that time, it takes a heavy toll on our health and wellness. We sometimes fall prey to lifestyle diseases that have little to do with external causes and more to do with our daily habits.

Spending time in nature has been shown to have a wide variety of health benefits from improving your mental health to lowering your blood pressure.

Being on a safari, whether in the forest or on grassy plains, is one of the most close-to-nature experiences that you can have. There are benefits of being in the outdoors and getting your daily dose of sunshine and Vitamin D. You will also be breathing in more oxygen-rich air, because of the presence of greenery, and your lungs will thank you for it. You’ll also be spending time with flora as much as with fauna, appreciating the benefits that plants and trees have to offer.

Being close to animals’ results in indirect animal therapy. The thrill of seeing majestic creatures in their natural habitat has numerous emotional benefits. The increase in serotonin levels and other endorphins help reduce stress, boost the mood and increase positivity. They’re a great way to recharge.

Most times, safaris are cut off from the digital frenzy that is part-and-parcel of our lives now. When you’re away in the forest where mobile signals and the internet are non-existent, you pause to appreciate the little things of life; you live in the moment and function at a slower and lesser-stressed pace. There is no rush to share anything on social media and you learn to relax. You’re also ethically conscious and supporting a local community when you go on a safari.

Whether you’re travelling with a partner, your family, or a group of friends, safaris are a great way to foster relationships. Out in the wild, there are no other distractions and you’ve got to spend time the old-fashioned way – bonding over nature, having conversations, or playing a game of cards!

Here are some of the wholesome benefits you get from communing with nature.

#1. Memory boost

According to the American Psychological Association, spending time in such places such as parks, water bodies and forests has a significant impact on a person’s psychological wellbeing. It improves our mental acuity, lowers stress, boosts our cognitive abilities and heightens feelings of happiness. Time spent in nature helps in lowering the likelihood of developing some psychiatric disorders and aids in psychological restoration.

#2. Healing

Nature is also a healing balm that lowers your muscle tension, anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure (for those with a history of hypertension).

Not only does the vitamin D absorbed during your walk in the sun improve your bone health and prevent osteoporosis, but studies have also shown that it helps in forestalling cancer.

Frequent exposure to natural light has in some cases served as an antidote to pain, and patients have been reported to have lowered reliance on pain medication as a result.

#3. Weight loss

As would be expected, nature walks, hikes and runs lead to weight loss and a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) when done consistently.

A review published in the American National Library of Medicine shows that physical activities done in an outdoor setting surrounded by nature yield better results than the same activity done indoors.

Participants torch a greater number of calories when working out outside as the body must contend with variations in the terrain, wind resistance, and other elements.

#4. Counteract Aging

Time spent in nature tends to have a domino effect on various aspects of our wellbeing. For instance, by aiding in stress reduction, it also means lesser stress related illnesses, aches or pains, and by extension, graceful aging. Your time outdoors also impacts the quality of sleep you get and the restoration of your cells during sleep. Overall, middle-aged and older people who frequent the outdoors are reported to have better bones and a more positive outlook towards life.

#5. Immunity boost

Besides increasing your energy levels, nature safaris and spending time in green spaces has a positive impact on immunity. According to experts, the restrictions necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic meant people could hardly go outside. That led to an upsurge in mental health issues around the globe.

One of the best ways to counteract these effects now that borders are open once more, is to go on a nature safari for your next holiday. However, besides these excursions, daily exposure to green spaces and environments is also vital. The Japanese call this practice Shinrin Yoku and studies show that it leads to an increased generation of white blood cells thus boosting your immunity.

Other Benefits Include:

#1. Improvement in communication

#2. Boost in confidence!

#3. Obtaining knowledge

#4. Exploring new cultures

#5. Making memories and new friends

#6. Learning and discovering more about yourself

Elephant Walking safari

The bottom line is, take a vacation if you can. When you take time away from the pressures of work and daily life, it can improve your physical and mental health, motivation, relationships, job performance and perspective. A vacation and being amongst nature can help you feel more refreshed and more prepared to handle whatever comes your way. So join us now at Nhongo Safaris and let the wonders of our nature heal you!


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