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Is It Safe To Go On Safari In Africa?

Vehicle with Elephants crossing the road
On Safari in the Kruger National Park

Is it safe to go on a safari in Africa? This is one of the top questions asked to our Nhongo Safaris Africa Team.

They want to know whether it is safe to visit Africa. They’ve read about the lions and elephants that live near an open jeep, and seen pictures of people gazing in awe at Lions and Elephants just a few metres away. They hear about the thrills of walking safaris in Kenya and can imagine experiencing a night under the stars in a safari camp halfway through the African country.

When in Africa on a safari, you have access to some of the world’s greatest animals in their natural habitat. But is safari tourism safe?

When going on a safari in Africa, is safety a priority? These destinations present amazing opportunities to explore and get up close to magnificent creatures from across the world. However, Africa is not without danger for an adventurous tourist.

Millions of travellers go on African safari's every year and on average, \\\"perhaps one tourist dies per year as a result of wild animals.\\\" African safari deaths are very uncommon, however all wildlife encounters carry risks due to the unpredictable nature of these wild animals.

You can also mitigate these risks by going on safari with expert guides who are well-trained in safety procedures. But you should brush up on what generally rules and tips there are for a safari experience before you head off.

Safaris and other adventures may be feasible for those with disabilities and the opportunistic traveler. Nhongo Safaris — to name a few — work with many top camps and lodges that assure safety to all visitors. With decades of collective experience on safaris across Africa, our safari planning team provides expert advice, even when managing safaris for wheelchair users.

Can you go on a safari in Africa while staying safe? In this comprehensive guide, we’ve rounded up their insights on everything you need to know to stay safe on safari. We’ll also answer all your burning questions including what colours to wear, how to take a toilet stop on safari, why animals don't attack open jeeps, and essential animal spotting etiquette.

Before you leave

How to keep yourself safe in Africa before going on a safari