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Nhongo Birding Safari Highlights

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

With lockdowns in South Africa now in the past, Nhongo Safaris is back! Spring is here and bringing with it, new life, and adventures as well as hot temperatures.

We’ve enjoyed a number of trips to the Kruger National Park so far and experienced so many sensational sightings of wildlife but, most importantly, we got to share those experiences with our amazing guests.

The Nhongo team recently completed an amazing 10-day birding excursion into the Kruger National Park where we were greeted with fantastic sightings by all manner of avian species and mammals. From the oh so colorful Lilac-breasted Rollers and red-faced Southern Ground Hornbills to Casper the white lion and his tawny-colored brother and those mischievous vervet monkeys. Here we will look at some of the highlights we’ll never forget.

Kruger Birding Safaris

The Mammals:

During our 10-day adventure, we encountered so many wonderous sightings of not only birds, but the more popular mammals like our massive African elephants, our stealthy hunters of the bush, leopards, the fastest land animal alive, the cheetah and so much more.

A definite highlight was coming across Casper, the white Lion and his pride. Many have gone on safari expeditions in the hopes to glimpse this elusive big cat, but not all who seek him are so lucky. Photographers have spent years trying to find him so he is a very special and rare sight to see.

Another special moment was coming across an elephant mother and calf duo taking a stroll together by themselves as we tailed behind them.

At camp, guests came across a group of vervet monkeys who had just raided the nearby trash can which was an entertaining sight to see.

The Birds:

The main aim of this adventure was to view different species of birds in their natural habitat. The Kruger National Park is home to over five hundred species of birds and is not only home to the largest mammals in the world but also some of the largest bird species.

A personal highlight was watching Red-billed Buffalo Weavers perching on the surrounding animals and feasting on ticks and other insects.

A Martial Eagle, the largest eagle in Africa is also a very rare sight to see. We were fortunate to see this king of the sky perched at the very top of a dead tree, scanning the horizon.

A personal favourite and a definite highlight in my book, the fish eagle. It’s a great experience to sit back at a watering hole with a dead tree in the centre and a fish eagle perched at the top. Listen to that iconic cry as it takes off and scans the water below for prey.

Nhongo Safaris has been in the tourism industry for over 20 years and the wildlife within the Kruger National Park never disappoints. This region is a treasure not just to South Africa but the world and we are eager to share the magic of the Kruger national Park with everyone who wishes to experience it. We look forward to your arrival.


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Nhongo Safaris
Nhongo Safaris
Nov 05, 2022

This was a great safari with lots of bird sightings as well as loads of great animal sightings.

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