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Nhongo Safaris Expands into Manyeleti Game Reserve

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Nhongo Safaris Expands into Manyeleti Safaris

General Information:

This 23,000-hectare 5-star private game reserve which borders directly to the vast Kruger National Park, as well as the famous Sabi Sands and Timbavati Game Reserves. It is situated on the western side of Kruger National Park, perched between the Sabi Sands and Timbavati game reserves.

As there are no fences between the Kruger national park and the private game reserves, wildlife can roam freely. Manyeleti is prime "Big Five" territory, offering exceptional possibilities for viewing the elusive leopard. Other Big Five animals (lion, rhino, buffalo, and elephant) are also often spotted on a very regular basis.

Personal Experience:

Having lived and spent some time of my childhood in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, this piece of wild paradise is an experience unlike one you would have in the Kruger National Park. You are completely open to nature, and you have it all to yourself. The camps within the Manyeleti Game Reserv are completely fenceless so you may have unsuspected visitors greeting you as you walk out your cabin in the mornings or while you’re enjoying dinner in the evening. This can be very exciting but also heart-racing as you’re greeted by wildlife and sometimes even the lion king while enjoying a feast in an open boma or having elephants wondering in as you make your way to your cabin for the night. Though this may be a little scary to think about, rest assured, you are completely safe. You will have a dedicated and professional guide escorting you.

Another wonderful reason to consider visiting the Manyeleti Game Reserve with us, is the peaceful game viewing without the hustle and bustle you’d find in the Kruger National Park. You have amazing sightings all to yourself whereas you’d generally find large amounts of traffic at sightings inside the Kruger Park with visitors fighting to get a great spot. It’s really something special, sitting at an exhilarating sighting with no other vehicles in sight.

Nhongo Safaris in Manyeleti:

Nhongo Safaris is now offering thrilling, up-close safaris to this unique and very special destination. Our new packages range from 3-6 day overnight stays within Manyeleti Game Reserve, giving visitors ample time to marvel at the surrounding landscape, witness unrivalled sights and hear the awe-inspiring sounds that the game reserve offers.

With only the open sky and the beauty of the sun rising or setting above you, our game drives are less of a sighting and more of an interaction between you and the wild animals roaming free in the bush.

Camps and Accommodation:

The Manyeleti Game Reserve offers a perfect bed to everyone, and for every budget. You can be sure to enjoy an exclusive experience guaranteeing an unforgettable time in the African bush! Here are the camps Nhongo Safaris will be utilizing during our overnight stays:

Pungwe Camp:

A small and intimate camp nestled deep in the Manyeleti Game Reserve where the wilderness and luxury collide, Pungwe Safari Camp captures the essence of a true safari experience. Situated on the unfenced boundary between the Sabi Sands Nature Reserve and the Kruger National Park, Pungwe is light-years away from the tourist-laden spots. You’ll stay in one of just four tents and enjoy life-changing sights in an intimate and exclusive setting that you’ll remember forever.

Pungwe Camp is a calm and relaxing space where time could stop still, you’ll find nothing but the rustle of the wind through the trees and the happy chirp of the birds to interrupt your thoughts. Small and cosy, with just four tents, Pungwe captures the essence of a traditional safari experience.

Pungwe Safari Lodge Manyeleti Safaris

Ndzhaka Camp:

Tucked away inside a riverine forest, Ndzhaka Camp is home to thrilling adventures, friendly hospitality, and a restorative ambience. A no-frills, rustic camp surrounded by scenic views and untamed natural beauty.

Awe-inspiring scenery surrounds every angle of Ndzhaka, capturing the hearts of all who visit. From the dense patch of riverine forest where birds tweet and soar to the main dam where herds of elephants and buffalo enjoy bath-time. With a resident herd of Nyalas, there’s plenty of wildlife activity surrounding the camp that thrill-seekers and adventurers alike marvel at with sheer joy and excitement.

The home of just five safari tents with open-air en-suites, Ndzhaka Camp offers a simple yet sophisticated taste of bush life where guests blend into the surrounding landscape as though they were locals. An intimate camp designed with a traditional thatch roof and rustic décor throughout, Ndzhaka is comfortable, cosy and the perfect base for the adventure of a lifetime.

Ndzhaka Camp has its own private viewing platform. Located directly beneath a giant Jackalberry tree, all is still and quiet except the vultures rustling their nests and the lone animals stalking their prey. Hidden and undetected from all, viewers are privy to close-up sights of predators in their natural habitat as they walk through the camp to enjoy a drink at the watering hole. The African continent is the only place in the world where big game roams freely, untamed, and undisturbed. Ndzhaka Camp offers the perfect opportunity to spot the Big Five up close and personal.

Ndzhaka Safari Lodge Manyeleti Safaris

Honeyguide Tented Camps:

Honeyguide Tented Safari Camps offers a unique blend between a classic stay in safari tents and the best of contemporary design. It consists of two camps in total, Khoka Moya and Mantobeni, just with twelve large tents each. Every one of them is appointed beautifully, with some elegant touches. The tents are reminiscent of the Hemingway-style safari. There's a very comfy kingsize bed, huge couch to relax on, and a perfect bathroom.

Whereas the safari tents are classic, the main lodge area reflects a much more modern African style. It indeed is a stylish structure in the middle of the South African bush. This is the place where you gather for meals, activities, a drink or just to socialise with other guests. You can lounge around in the indoor or outdoor areas or select a fine bottle of South African wine from the climate-controlled wine cellar. Of course, there also is a pool, a very welcome luxury after a day of safari in the bush.

More about Honeyguide Mantobeni

Designed to reflect Hemingway’s Africa, the 12 East African styled tents offer guests an authentic safari experience (no children under 12). The tents are comfortably furnished with double or twin beds, cotton sheets and damask linen, soft leather couches and en-suite bathrooms that include a large concrete bath, double shower and separate toilet. The central guest facilities include a reception area with a lounge and a small selection of books, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, a bar and climate-controlled wine cellar. The swimming pool deck adjourns the public area and overlooks the waterhole. The camp has complimentary WiFi facilities.

Mantobeni Safari Lodge Manyeleti Safaris

More about Honeyguide Khoka Moya

Khoka Moya comprises 12 contemporary styled tented rooms, set on screeded concrete slabs and furnished in a comfortable, minimalistic style. A family affair, the tents are large enough to easily accommodate four guests. They have en-suite bathrooms with double showers and separate toilets; as well as private outdoor seating areas to relax and take in the sights and sounds of the bush. Simply designed and built of corrugated iron, the large colourful lounge and dining areas of the camp overlook green lawns leading to the swimming pool. Situated on both sides of the riverbed you will be able to enjoy an authentic safari experience without sacrificing luxury, safety, or comfort.

Khoka Moya Manyeleti Safaris

Tintswalo Safari Lodge:

Only six beautiful suites and one magnificent Presidential suite make up Tintswalo Safari Lodge in the Manyeleti Game Reserve. If you are looking for a private safari experience, away from it all, then this is the place you want to go. All suites are extremely large, and maybe the most wonderful we've ever seen. As it can become very hot in summer months, all rooms are air conditioned. Bathrooms are equipped with an indoor and outdoor shower. A particular nice feature is the small private plunge pool on the outside deck. It is just lovely to relax here while looking at the waterhole in front of the lodge. Picture yourself having a gin & tonic, in your own plunge pool, while seeing elephants pass in the dry riverbed below.

All suites are connected with the main lodge building by a raised wooden pathway. In this spectacular building you will find the restaurant, a small safari library, a very extensive wine cellar, boutique and large lounge area with a beautiful romantic fireplace.

Tintswalo Safari Lodge Manyeleti Safaris

If you are a safari-hunger explorer or a family looking for an ‘off the beaten track’ holiday, the Manyeleti Game Reserve will quench your appetite. What could be more invigorating than a trip to a private game park with an unsurpassed Big 5 game offering, open savanna, and dense riverine vegetation – a true wilderness bushveld experience. We await to share this thriving wild paradise with you!

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Nhongo Safaris
Nhongo Safaris
Nov 19, 2022

Greta blogpost, looking forward to starting these safaris in 2023, as the Manyeleti Game Reserve is the best for great sightings of Lion, Leopard and Cheetah.

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