• Keri Cherry

Traveling During the Covid Pandemic

Updated: Nov 10

Passport, Airoplane, Travelling during Covid
Photo by Forbes.com

Traveling during COVID 19 can be daunting, however, one of the best places to visit while it is still available is Africa.

Africa is one of the best places to go during COVID because you have vast open spaces and the ability to seclude. That is not the only reason to travel during this COVID, however.

Here are the top 6 reasons to travel during COVID-19 - a) you will see a Safari from a visitors perspective, b) you will be able to donate during COVID-19, c) you will have more time for less traveling , d) you can combine COVID with an office retreat, e) it's easier to take your family on safari during COVID-19 and f) the prices of safaris during COVID-19 are better

Here are six reasons to book your safari trip before COVID

Here's the 1 thing you need to know about safaris during COVID

You should consider going on a Safari during COVID-19 because Safaris are built for social distancing.

Traveling during COVID is not always an option. Safari trips by definition offer a type of social distancing that may be essential for your mental health - open-air adventures with plenty of space.

Travel consultants are taking more on private vacation planning, rather than organizing large groups for luxury safari trips. Happy customers note that interest in these more intimate experiences has only grown.

This year, for the first time, many safaris will be expanding or updating their campgrounds to prepare for the influx of COVID 19 visitors.

2. Remote work is a possibility with the advent of wifi

Luckily for travelers attending COVID 19, most luxury safari resorts have Wi-Fi, allowing them to disconnect from the outside world.

During COVID 19, a lot of business travelers will be traveling during the U.S. summer. However, for those of you fortunate enough to do so remotely, there is a great opportunity to make some really unique connections with locals and even turn your mobile office into a pseudo safari viewing deck while catching up on emails.