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Why Consider A Guided Safari?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

There are many thoughts on this subject when it comes to preference on a self-drive or a guided safari organized through a tour operator. Below we will look at few benefits to going on a guided safari.

Kruger Guided Safaris

#1. Cost

Most visitors are on a budget when visiting another country and the most expensive part of your vacation is of course the flight to your destination, especially now after all the lockdowns. Many safari operators offer specials with added activities which are generally cheaper than what you would pay if you decided to book everything yourself. There is also no need to constantly be bringing out your wallet as accommodation, dinners/breakfasts and any additional fees are taken care of by your operator, depending on what’s included in the package.

#2. Experience

Would a guided safari give me a great authentic experience that I would not get from driving myself? Yes, it would be a far more relaxing and educational experience. No need to focus on the road in front of you when you can enjoy the comfort of an open vehicle. With the wind blowing through your hair, you can take the opportunity to take in and appreciate your natural surroundings while at the same time, being on the lookout for all our amazing creatures.

#3. Traveling

When hiring a car in South Africa, rental companies are very strict when it comes to damages of the said vehicle. A scratch or dent means it comes out of your own pocket and driving in the Kruger National Park, well, it’s not unheard of where elephants, rhinos and buffalos have done considerable damage to vehicles. Guides are responsible for guests and the vehicle on guided safaris. They are trusted to have the skills and knowledge to keep everyone safe.

#4. Game viewing during the seasons

For Wildlife watching in the Kruger National Park, winter (June to September) is the best! Many trees and shrubs are leafless, which helps in animal spotting. Limited food and water also means that animals are out foraging, hunting or grabbing a drink at the waterhole. During South African summer (December to February) the countryside is at its most lush as it is the rainy season but then, thanks to the vegetation, wildlife can be quite difficult to spot. The open vehicle is perfect in this case as the back seats are far higher than any other vehicle in the Park, making it rather easy to see over tall grass and shrubs. When Self driving, the grass is normally higher than your vehicle so spotting an elusive Lion lying under a tree is not possible or even a Cheetah walking along a game path would not be easy to spot.

#5. World Class Safari Guides

Safari guides can either make or break your safari. Of course, it’s always best employ the very best of Safari Guides who have extensive knowledge about the Kruger National Park and possess a passion for people and wildlife. They are great teachers of the African Bushveld and are always eager to share their knowledge and experiences during wildlife encounters. This is your once in a lifetime experience and they aim to please and provide and unforgettable holiday.

#6. Don’t be a Big Five Cliché

Most people have this cliché that they only come on a safari to see the Big 5. Sit back and enjoy your daily drives. There are far more critters out there than just the Big 5. Zebras, hippos and giraffes are just a few and the list goes on. You can’t appreciate the beguiling ugliness of a warthog until you have seen one, a herd of twitchy impalas reminds you that danger can lurk anywhere. When self-driving in the Kruger National Park, you often miss out on the smaller critters.

#7. Safety

Just like in many countries in the world, safety is a big priority for you and your family. Self-driving is a great way to explore a new country or to visit our game reserves and cities in South Africa. Sadly, there are some people who would take advantage of visitors in some way, especially if they are travelling by themselves. Going on safari with a reputable safari operator takes out all the guess work, and, armed with local knowledge from the guides and safari companies, the chances of you having a safe, wonderful time will be very high on the agenda.

Guided safaris are unique and a must do for any nature, adventure and wildlife lovers. There’s just something so exciting about being on the back of an open vehicle, sitting at a height where you can look over the average vehicle, scouring the bush in search for these mystifying critters.

Leading Safari Operator South Africa Safaris

A leading safari operator: Nhongo Safaris

“Arrive as Strangers Leave as Friends” sums up our safari experiences. We aim to share the wonders and the mystifying world of our animal kingdom with the world. South Africa is home to so many amazing creatures and giants in the animal kingdom and we at Nhongo Safaris have had the privilege of growing up and interacting with wildlife throughout our lives. We want to share that love and admiration with our guests and strive to build thrilling long-lasting relationships.

Guests often return to Nhongo for a new adventure as they find our safaris relaxed and informative, with a dedicated guide that will spend the entire duration of the safari with you.

Our guides are handpicked and possess a deep love and knowledge for wildlife and the Kruger National Park. Our guides care for their guests, taking time out to explain every detail about their safari and accompanying you throughout the day, even during meals where you can sit together and interact with one another.

We do not rush from one sighting to the other as most operators only have a day in the park and need to find as much as possible in a short amount of time. Our guides take their time at sightings, allowing you to sit back and relax, taking in your surroundings and appreciating all the creatures the park is home to, large and small.

Our motto is small groups on safari have more fun, two’s, fours and sixes on a vehicle make it more enjoyable for the entire vehicle with great interaction by the guides and guests.

Quality is important to us. Accommodation, transport and food are all of high standards. We offer no shortcuts as this is your once in a lifetime Safari experience.

The welfare of Wildlife always comes first on a Nhongo Safari as we conduct ourselves not only in a manner that is respectful to those around us, viewing the animals, but also to the animals themselves.

Nhongo Safaris prides itself as a leader and trendsetter in the industry, offering Authentic African Safari Experiences and adventures. With much excitement and enthusiasm, we eagerly await your visit!

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