Nice Leopard Photos taken by Amanda

Amanda 2

Amanda 3

Amanda 4

Some loverly photos taken on the last safari by Amanda, one of the Nhongo Safaris guides, that has just got the knowledge of where the leopards are, and with her great camera, gets some really loverly photos.
It is something that can be seen while on a kruger safari, however photos like this are not got everyday, as the movement of animals and the climatic conditions has a lot to do with great game viewing. 
It is a well known fact, but one that needs to be said that the months of May, June, July, August, September and October are some of the best game viewing months that we have in South Africa to view our wildlife.
If one is looking at coming on a safari, it is generally a good thing to start planning your safari well in advance, as most of us safari operators get booked up really well in advance, and if one is looking at combining the Kruger National Park with a private lodge, or even another country in Southern Africa, it would be good to start looking and planning, together with booking down your safari as long as a year in advance. At the current state of affairs, Nhongo Safaris is already 40% booked out for next year, and we are currently only in May 2019. So as one can see, booking a good safari takes time, and needs to be done long in advance. We already have past clients, that have been booked on a safari in 2021, and it is not one or two people we are talking about, but the numbers grow every day.
So if you are looking at conducting a South African Safari or even if time does not allow you, a Kruger Park Safari, please book it with time to spare, as we do not want to disappoint clients by not been able to take them on what could be a "safari Of A Lifetime". 
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