On Safari With Amanda 1 December 2015

Hot! Hot and hotter! Fantastic day in the park. Heading off from camp we were greeted by a big herd of buffalo crossing the road lots of young ones too.
We received an update of a possible sighting of cheetah a few kms down the road so we drove calmly hoping they would still be there...alas they had moved into the bush and there was no visual of them. Following my gut I decided to go to shithave dam to see if they hadn't header that way, on reaching the dam I realized it was too far for them to have travelled so we decided to go to where they were originally Spotted.
Far in the distance we saw 2 sable antelope watching them I realized they were totally static and staring at the same spot, one of them moved closer, as it did out came the cheetah to chase it away that was the only sighting we got ,but, considering there only just over 400 in the park we were very lucky.
The day just got better and better with visual at renosterkoppies of 2 male lions lying in the shade  occasionally lifting their heads only to flop back down again!
After a quick stop at skukuza we decided it was very hot so let's head back to camp and the guests can cool off in the pool...this soon changed when we heard of a leopard lying in a marula tree not far from us so off we headed there quite far in the distance lay a very handsome leopard, after all the other cars had gone we sat watching him on our own for at least one hour.. very lucky.
The journey to camp produced tawny eagles, bataleur eagles, giraffe, zebra, elephant, buffalo and the most beautiful baby impalas. 
Another successful day in the Kruger and very happy, but hot guests!
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